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1. Africa and the decolonisation of state-religion policies

2. Banning black gods : law and religions of the african diaspora

3. Law, cultural studies and the "burqa ban" trend : an interdisciplinary handbook

4. Law, religion, and freedom : conceptualizing a common right

5. Routledge handbook of freedom of religion or belief

6. Law and the wearing of religious symbols in Europe

7. On the significance of religion in conflict and conflict resolution

8. Trapped in a religious marriage : a human rights perspective on the phenomenon of marital captivity

9. Corporate religious freedom and the rights of others : calibrating human rights in times of pluralist dilemmas

10. Human rights, religion and international law

11. Freedom of religion in the 21st century : a human rifhts perspective on the relation between politics and religion

12. Neutralitätsprinzip und Religionsfreiheit. : ein deutsch-französischer Vergleich

13. Religion, secularism, and constitutional democracy

14. L'accommodement de la diversité religieuse : regards croisés - Canade, Europe, Belgique

15. Constitutions and religious freedom

16. Tolerating intolerance : the price of protecting extremism

17. Freedom from religion : rights and national security

18. Global antisemitism : a crisis of modernity

19. Religious liberty in Western and Islamic law : toward a world legal tradition

20. Religious symbols in public functions : a comparative analysis of Dutch, English and French justifications for limiting the freedom of public officials to display religious symbols

21. Muslims and global justice

22. State-religion relationships and human rights law : towards a right to religiously neutral governance

23. Muslims in global politics : identities, interests and human rights

24. La protection internationale de la liberté religieuse = international protection of religious freedom

25. Freedom of thought, conscience and religion or belief in the United Nations (1946-1992)