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1. Discrimination, Vulnerable Consumers and Financial Inclusion

2. Gender justice and the law : theoretical practices of intersectional identity

3. Gender, poverty and access to justice policy : implementation in Sub-Saharan Africa

4. Legal capacity & gender : realising the human right to legal personhood and agency of women, disabled women, and gender minorities

5. Poverty and human rights : multidisciplinary perspectives

6. Research handbook on human rights and poverty

7. Accessibilité et participation sociale : vers und mise en œuvre del la Convention relative aux droits des personnes handicapées

8. An African path to disability justice : community, relationsships and obligations

9. Causes and Consequences of Migrant Criminalization

10. Disability, globalization and human rights

11. Face recognition technology : compulsory visibility and its impact on privacy and the confidentiality of personal identifiable images

12. Sexual orientation, gender identity and international human rights law : common law perspectives

13. State, religion and muslims : between discrimination and protection at the legislative, executive and judicial levels

14. Transnational human rights litigation : challenging the death penalty and criminalization of homosexuality in the Commonwealth

15. The lived experience of hate crime : towards a phenomenological approach

16. Beyond virtue and vice : rethinking human rights and criminal law

17. Women and minority rights law in Africa : reimagining equality and addressing discrimination

18. The ubiquity of positive measures for addressing systemic discrimination and inequality : a comparative global perspective

19. Gender and the judiciary in Africa : from obscurity to parity?

20. Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination

21. A mosaic of indigenous legal thought : legendary tales and other writings

22. Black skin, white masks

23. Colored cosmopolitanism : the shared struggle for freedom in the United States and India

24. Constitutional courts, gay rights and sexual orientation equality

25. Demanding justice and security : indigenous women and legal pluralities in Latin America