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1. Digitized statecraft in multilateral treaty participation : global quasi-legislative behavior of 193 sovereign states

2. Competition laws, national interests and international relations

3. Law and diplomacy in the management of EU-Asia trade and investment relations

4. Relations commerciales internationales : l'Union européenne et l'Amérique du Nord à l'heure de la nouvelle route de la soie

5. Foreign relations law

6. National styles in science, diplomacy, and science diplomacy

7. The role of the highest courts of the United States of America and South Africa, and the European Court of Justice in foreign affairs

8. Staatliche Kooperation zwischen Partnerschaft, Konkurrenz und Interdependenz

9. Debating foreign policy in the Renaissance : speeches on war and peace by Francesco Guicciardini

10. Intérêt national

11. Surveillance, privacy and trans-atlantic relations

12. The importance of place : geographical indications as a tool for local and regional development

13. Twenty-first century jihad : law, society and military action

14. Assessment of labour provisions in trade and investment arrangements

15. Democracy and trade policy in developing countries

16. Détente in Cold War Europe : politics and diplomacy in the Mediterranean and the Middle East

17. Europe and the collapse of Yugoslavia : the role of non-state actors and European diplomacy

18. India at the global high table : the quest for regional primacy and strategic autonomy

19. Memory and trauma in international relations : theories, cases and debates

20. Shadow courts : the tribunals that rule global trade

21. Shaper nations : strategies for a changing world

22. Statecraft in the Middle East : foreign policy, domestic politics and security

23. L’Union européenne et les Amériques

24. Weak states, strong societies : power and authority in the new world order

25. Международное торговое право в государствах Кавказа, Центральной Азии и в России : между региональной интеграцией и глобализацией