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1. Global animal law from the margins : international trade in animals and their bodies

2. Research handbook on international Abortion Law

3. Defining disaster : disciplines and domains

4. International human rights law and the framework convention on tobacco control : lessons from Africa and beyond

5. International medical law

6. Biolaw : origins, doctrine and juridical applications on the biosciences

7. Compensation schemes for damages caused by healthcare and alternatives to court proceedings : comparative law perspectives

8. Data protection by design in the E-health care sector : theoretical and applied perspectives

9. Intellectual property law and access to medicines : trips agreement, health, and pharmaceuticals

10. Wine law and policy : from national terroirs to a global market

11. Women's health and the limits of law : domestic and international perspectives

12. The patient, data protection and changing healthcare models : the impact of e-health on informed consent, anonymisation and purpose limitation

13. Caring responsibilities in european law and policy : who cares?

14. Environmental health in international and EU law : current challenges and legal responses

15. Gouverner les ressources génétiques : les stratégies des acteurs face aux droits de propriété et aux règles sur l'accès et le partage des avantages

16. Human rights and drug control : a new perspective

17. Personhood in the age of biolegality : brave new law

18. Robots, healthcare, and the law : regulating automation in personal care

19. Violence against women's health in international law

20. Les lois de la table : le droit du patrimoine alimentaire

21. Antibody patenting : a practitioner's guide to drafting prosecution and enforcement

22. Comparative legal frameworks for pre-implantation embryonic genetic interventions

23. Food loss and food waste: Causes and Solutions. : causes and solutions

24. Routledge Handbook of Food as a Commons

25. The regulation of E-cigarettes : international, european and national challenges