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1. Les algorithmes font-ils la loi ?

2. Advanced introduction to cybersecurity law

3. Determann’s field guide to data privacy law : international corporate compliance

4. Hashtag jurisprudence : terror and legality on Twitter

5. Internet law : a concise guide to regulation around the world

6. Law and technology in a global digital society : autonomous systems, Big Data, IT Security and Legal Tech

7. Legal data and information in practice

8. Novel beings : regulatory approaches for a future of new intelligent life

9. Pandemic surveillance : privacy, security, and data ethics

10. Regulating data monopolies : a law and economics perspective

11. Research handbook on EU data protection law

12. Research handbook on privacy and data protection law : values, norms and global politics

13. The birth of digital human rights : digitized data governance as a human rights issue in the EU

14. Le droit international privé à l'épreuve de l'Internet

15. The law of contributory liability on the internet : a trademark analysis

16. The right to be forgotten

17. The right to privacy revisited : different international perspectives

18. Access to telecommunication data in criminal justice : a comparative legal analysis

19. Algorithmic regulation and personalized law : a handbook

20. Big data, political campaigning and the law : democracy and privacy in the age of micro-targeting

21. Code mondial de l'exécution digitale = Global code of digital enforcement

22. Consumer law and economics

23. Crime and punishment in the future internet : digital frontier technologies and criminology in the twenty-first century

24. Cyber security, artificial intelligence, data protection & the law

25. Dark web investigation