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1. Self-determination and minority rights in China

2. China at war : triumph and tragedy in the emergence of the new China

3. Haunted by chaos : China's grand strategy from Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping

4. Navigating semi-colonialism : shipping, sovereignty, and nation-building in China, 1860-1937

5. Studies on contemporary Chinese philosophy (1949-2009)

6. What Is China? : Territory, Ethnicity, Culture, and History

7. Globalization, translation and transmission : Sino-Judaic cultural identity in Kaifeng, China

8. Sovereignty in China‘s perspective

9. Imperial-time-order : literature, intellectual history, and China's road to empire

10. Oil and water : being Han in Xinjiang

11. Staat und Gesellschaft in der Geschichte Chinas : Theorie und Wirklichkeit

12. The horizon of modernity : subjectivity and social structure in new confucian philosophy

13. Deng Xiaoping : the man who made modern China

14. Indian foreign policy and the border dispute with China : a new look at asian relationships

15. Lost in China? : law, culture and identity in post-1997 Hong Kong

16. Men to devils, devils to men : japanese war crimes and chinese justice

17. The allure of the nation : the cultural and historical debates in late Qing and republican China

18. La Chine et le Traité de Versailles (1919) : une trahison occidentale

19. Middle powers and the rise of China

20. Legal transparency in dynastic China : the legalist-confucianist debate and good governance in Chinese tradition

21. Administering the colonizer : Manchuria's Russians under Chinese rule, 1918-29.

22. Shaping China's innovation future : university technology transfer in transition

23. Japan's struggle with internationalism : Japan, China and the League of Nations, 1931-1933

24. International law as world order in late imperial China : translation, reception and discourse, 1847-1911

25. Zhong guo fa lü yu Zhong guo she hui