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1. British contributions to international law, 1915-2015 : anthology set

2. Cinematic perspectives on international law

3. The aesthetics of international law

4. The application of the doctrine of intertemporality in contentious proceedings

5. The history and theory of international law

6. Frieden oder Pazifismus? : Arbeiten zum Völkerrecht und zur internationalen Politik 1924-1978

7. History and international law : an intertwined relationship

8. International law and Islam : historical explorations

9. Piracy and the origins of universal jurisdiction : on stranger tides?

10. Treaties and other acts in multilateral conference diplomacy : a brief calendar of state practice 1641 to 1924

11. The critical attitude and the history of international law

12. The law of nations and natural law 1625-1800

13. Boundaries of the international : law and empire

14. Codice euro-globale : epoche, spazi, soggetti

15. Comrades against imperialism : Nehru, India, and interwar internationalism

16. Historical title, self-determination and the Kashmir question. : changing perspectives in international law

17. The Iran-UAE Gulf islands dispute : a journey through international law, history and politics

18. Political theology and international law

19. The debate that changed the west : Grotius verus Althusius

20. The trial of the kaiser

21. Debating foreign policy in the Renaissance : speeches on war and peace by Francesco Guicciardini

22. Decades of reconstruction : postwar societies, state-building, and international relations from the Seven Years' War to the Cold War

23. El Derecho Internacional Público : según el programa vigente en la Universidad de Buenos Aires

24. Diplomatic conferences and congresses : a bibliographical compendium of state practice, 1642 to 1919

25. In the shadow of Vitoria : a history of international law in Spain (1770-1953)