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1. Advanced introduction to global administrative law

2. International law and global governance : treaty regimes and sustainable development goals implementation

3. Japan, the European Union and global governance

4. La Nostalgia por el Orden

5. The limits of law and development : neoliberalism, governance and social justice

6. Constitutionalism under extreme conditions : law, emergency, exception

7. Debating legal pluralism and constitutionalism : new trajectories for legal theory in the global age

8. Global justice and social conflict : the foundations of liberal order and international law

9. Human rights and public goods : the global new deal

10. International law for humankind : towards a new Jus Gentium

11. Pensée critique et pratique du droit international

12. Research handbook on the theory and history of international law

13. Zur Übertragung innerstaatlicher Begriffe und Rechtsgrundsätze in das Völkerrecht

14. The belt and road initiative and global governance

15. The history and theory of international law

16. The role of international administrative law at international organizations

17. Dalla pluralità delle fonti al rapporto tra ordinamenti. : itinerari imprevisti del pluralismo giuridico

18. Fundamentals of public international law : a sketch of the international legal order

19. International law and revolution

20. World trade and investment law reimagined : a progressive agenda for an inclusive globalization

21. The crisis in global ethics and the future of global governance : fulfilling the promise of the earth charter

22. A landscape of contemporary theories of international law

23. A league of democracies : cosmopolitanims, consolidation arguments and global public goods

24. The world community between hegemony and constitutionalism

25. Comparative international law