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1. Communication médiatique de l'État et droit international : actes du colloque de Nanterre du 14 juin 2019

2. Advanced introduction to the politics of international human rights

3. Encounters between foreign relations law and international law bridges and boundaries

4. Relations internationales africaines à l'aune du droit international

5. Research handbook on international law and cities

6. Towards a new multilateralism : cultural divergence and political convergence?

7. Women's International Thought : a New History

8. La politique étrangère : a l’épreuve de la fragmentation

9. The uses and abuses of weaponized interdependence

10. Competition laws, national interests and international relations

11. Handbook of critical international relations

12. Osimo, un trattato che fa ancora discutere

13. Rethinking international relations

14. A world transformed : reflections on the international system, China and global development

15. Backstage practices of transnational law

16. Cyberattaques et droit international : problèmes choisis

17. Les Etats face aux juridictions internationales : une analyse des politiques étatiques relatives aux juges internationaux : actes de la 2e Journée de droit international de l'ENS

18. Foreign relations law

19. Historiographical investigations in international relations

20. Moral obligations and sovereignty in international relations : a genealogy of humanitarianism

21. Verdragenrecht : het internationale en Nederlandse recht betreffende de totstandkoming, werking en beëndiging van verdragen

22. The territorial dimension of politics : within, among, and across nations

23. Boundaries of the international : law and empire

24. Community interests across international law

25. Comparative international law