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1. Emerging issues in sustainable development : international trade law and policy

2. Klimahaftungsklagen : die Internationale Haftung für die Folgen des Klimawandels : zugleich eine Untersuchung des Europäischen Zuständigkeitsrechts und des Europäischen Internationalen Privatrechts der Umwelthaftung

3. Non-governmental actors in international climate change law : the case of arctic indigenous peoples

4. Carbon Capture and Storage in International Energy Policy and Law

5. Climate change law : an introduction

6. Climate change litigation

7. Climate change litigation : global perspectives

8. Climate clubs for a sustainable future : the role of international trade and investment law

9. Derecho y Cambio Climático

10. Developing a carbon market : EU ETS implementation in Germany and its transfer potential for Brazil

11. Energy law, climate change and the environment

12. Environmental law for transitions to sustainibility

13. Ethics, law and natural hazards : the moral imperative for international intervention post-disaster

14. Giving future generations a voice : normatice frameworks, institutions and practice

15. Negotiating the Paris agreement : the insider stories

16. The Paris agreement on climate change : a commentary

17. Posthuman legalities : new materialism and law behond the human

18. Small Island Developing States : Vulnerability and Resilience Under Climate Change

19. La fabrique d'un droit climatique au service de la trajectoire "1.5"

20. L'influence du droit international des changements climatiques sur le droit de l'environnement de l'Union Européenne

21. El régimen jurídico internacional en materia de cambio climático : dinámica de avances y limitaciones

22. The Arctic : Current Issues and Challenges

23. Climate Change, Coming Soon to a Court Near You : International Climate Change Legal Frameworks, December 2020

24. Climate Change, Coming Soon to a Court Near You : Report Series Purpose and Introduction to Climate Science, December 2020

25. Droit et changement climatique : comment répondre à l'urgence climatique ? : regards croisés à l'interdisciplinaire