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1. Legal Shape-shifting : on the protection of traditional cultural expressions and crossing the boundaries between copyright, cultural heritage and human rights law

2. The Origin of Copyright : expression as knowing in being and copyright onto-epistemology

3. The protection of intellectual property rights under international investment law

4. Dutfield and Suthersanen on global intellectual property law

5. Gouverner les ressources génétiques : les stratégies des acteurs face aux droits de propriété et aux règles sur l'accès et le partage des avantages

6. Intellectual property, finance and corporate governance

7. Legal protection for traditional knowledge : towards a new land for indigenous intellectual property

8. Manuel de l'Organisation africaine de la propriété intellectuelle

9. Protecting traditional knowledge : lessons from global case studies

10. Research handbook on intellectual property and digital technologies

11. Research handbook on intellectual property and investment law

12. Research handbook on the World Intellectual Property Organization : the first 50 years and beyond

13. Traditional Knowledge, Genetic Resources, Customary Law and Intellectual Property : A Global Primer

14. Les enjeux contemporains des communications numériques : aspects de droit international et européen

15. Arbitrating brands : international investment treaties and trade marks

16. Domain name arbitration : trademarks, domanin names and cybersquatting : a practical guide to the uniform domain name dispute resolution policy

17. Generic top-level domains : a study of transnational private regulation

18. International and EU Data Protection Law

19. International copyright : principles, law, and practice

20. International intellectual property in an integrated world economy

21. International policy rules and inequality : implications for global economic governance

22. Is intellectual property pluralism functional?

23. Online Music Distribution - how much exclusivity is needed? : a study of international, european, german and U.S. copyright systems and their objectives

24. Patent games in the global south : pharmaceutical patent law making in Brazil, India and Nigeria

25. When private international law meets intellectual property law : a guide for judges