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1. Blurred lines of responsibility and accountability : human rights abuses at mega-sporting events

2. Human rights and the revision of refugee law

3. Legal Shape-shifting : on the protection of traditional cultural expressions and crossing the boundaries between copyright, cultural heritage and human rights law

4. Arbitration and human rights : approaches to excluding the annulment of arbitral awards and their compatibility with the ECHR

5. Domestic abuse and human rights

6. Environmental health in international and EU law : current challenges and legal responses

7. Grenzüberschreitende Implikationen eines Menschenrechts auf Wasser? : Reichweite, Auswirkungen und Bedeutung für das internationale Wasserrecht = Transboundary implications of a human right to water scope, impact and relevance of the right for international water law

8. Human rights and drug control : a new perspective

9. Mega-dams and indigenous human rights

10. Das Menschenrecht auf Nahrung in den Operationen der Weltbank und des Internationalen Währungsfonds : ein Beitrag zur menschenrechtlichen Verantwortlichkeit internationaler Organisationen

11. Natural law and human rights : toward a recovery of practical reason

12. Peoples' Rights: Gruppenrechte im Völkerrecht : Theorie und Praxis des kollektiven Menschenrechtsschutzes in Afrika, Amerika und Europa

13. Protecting the religious freedom of new minorities in international law

14. Space in support of human rights

15. United Nations peace operations and human rights : normativity and compliance

16. Les droits de l'homme et la mer : actes du colloque du Mans, 24 et 25 mai 2018

17. The Cambridge companion to human rights and literature

18. Human rights and positive obligations to healthcare : reading the european convention on human rights through Joseph Raz's theory of rights

19. International human rights and counter-terrorism

20. Realising the right to water and sanitation in Nigeria : a human rights-based-ecosystem approach

21. Resarch handbook on human rights and digital technology : global politics, law and international relations

22. Der Scharia-Vorbehalt in menschenrechtlichen Verträgen der Vereinten Nationen

23. Towards a sustainable human right to water : supporting vulnerable people and protecting water resources

24. Bioéthique et droit international et européen des droits de l'homme

25. Human rights in international relations