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1. Freedom of navigation and the law of the sea : warships, states and the use of force

2. Humanitarian intervention and political support for interstate use of force

3. Legal restraints on the use of military force : collected essays by Michael Bothe

4. Regulating the use of force by United Nations peace support operations : balancing promises and outcomes

5. Regulating the use of force in international law : stability and change

6. Russia's interventions in ethnic conflicts : the case of Armenia and Azerbaijan

7. International law and the use of force : cases and materials

8. Jus ad Bellum : the law on inter-state use of force

9. NATO rules of engagement : on ROE, self- defence and the use of<br>force during armed conflict

10. Der Ukraine-Konflikt aus völkerrechtlicher Sicht

11. Agggression under the Rome statute

12. Lethal force, the right to life and the ECHR : narratives of death and democracy

13. Use and misuse of new technologies : contemporary challenges in international and European law

14. The crime of aggression : the quest for justice in an age of drones, cyberattacks, insurgents, and autocrats

15. The use of force under international law : lawyerized states in a legalized world

16. International law and the use of force

17. Origins of the right of self-defence in international law : from the Caroline incident to the United Nations Charter

18. L'usage de la force dans les relations internationales = The use of force in international relations : aspects de droit international et de droit = issues of international and european law

19. The use of force and international law

20. The use of force in UN peacekeeping

21. L'uso della forza nelle relazioni internazionali : saggi di diritto internazionale

22. Colonial violence : european empires and the use of force

23. Defining international terrorism : between state sovereignty and cosmopolitanism

24. Law on the use of force and armed conflict

25. Power and law in international society : international relations as the sociology of international law