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1. Communication médiatique de l'État et droit international : actes du colloque de Nanterre du 14 juin 2019

2. Diplomatic asylum : exploring a legal basis for the practice under general international law

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7. Modern diplomacy

8. Treaties and other acts in multilateral conference diplomacy : a brief calendar of state practice 1641 to 1924

9. Algeria and the Cold War : international relations and the struggle for autonomy

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11. Diritto diplomatico-consolare internazionale ed europeo

12. Symbolic insult in diplomacy : a subtle game of diplomatic slap

13. US-China competition and the South China Sea disputes

14. Vienna convention on diplomatic relations of 18 april 1961 : commentaries on practical application

15. Career diplomacy : life and work in the US Foreign Service

16. Codici diplomatici internazionali e diritto europeo

17. Diplomatic law in a new millennium

18. Naissance de la diplomatie moderne (XIIIe-XVIIe siècles) : l'ambassadeur au croisement du droit, de l'éthique et de la politique

19. Satow's diplomatic practice

20. Think tank diplomacy

21. Are we there yet : have MFAs realized the potential of digital diplomacy ?

22. Diplomatic interference and the law

23. Diplomatic law : commentary on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations

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25. High-table diplomacy : the reshaping of international security institutions