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1. Demilitarization and international law in context : the Åland islands

2. New challenges to international law : a view from The Hague

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10. Major law and policy issues in the South China sea : european and american perspectives

11. The handbook of conflict resolution : theory and practice

12. One century peace palace, from past to present

13. El arreglo pacífico de las controversias internacionales : XXIV Jornadas de la Asociación Española de Profesores de Derecho Internacional y Relaciones Internacionales (AEPDIRI), Córdoba, 20-22 de octubre de 2011

14. Le développement du droit international : réflexions d'un demi-siècle

15. Les conflits entre peuples : de la résolution libre à la résolution imposée

16. Conflict resolution in the twenty-first century : principles, methods, and approaches

17. Ius contra bellum : le droit international relatif au maintien de la paix : précis

18. Palestine and international law : essays on politics and economics

19. Pedra Branca : the road to the World Court

20. Toward a new framework for peaceful settlement of China's territorial and boundary disputes

21. The Palestine question in international law

22. The SAGE handbook of conflict resolution

23. Sources of international and intrastate conflict and possibilities for resolution in this decade

24. Intercultural dispute resolution in aboriginal contexts

25. Unity and pluralism in public international law