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1. Die "Corruption Defence" des Gaststaats in internationalen Investitionsschiedsverfahren

2. Draft statute of the multilateral investment court

3. Eilschiedsrichterverfahren in der Investitionsschiedsgerichtsbarkeit aus rechtlicher und ökonomischer Perspektive

4. Energy arbitration and judicial dispute settlement : proceedings of the 4th Athens conference on European Energy law

5. Enforcement of investment treaty arbitration awards

6. International commercial and investor-state arbitration : Australia and Japan in regional and global contexts

7. International investment law and arbitration : commentary, awards and other materials

8. Public participation and foreign investment law : from the creation of rights and obligations to the settlement of disputes

9. The use of commercial arbitration rules in investment treaty disputes : domestic courts, commercial arbitration institutions and tribunal jurisdiction

10. African Perspectives in International Investment Law

11. Application of most-favoured-nation clauses by investor-state arbitral tribunals : implications for the developing countries

12. Arbitration and protection of investments in energy and infrastructure sectors

13. Contractual renegotiations and international investment arbitration : a relational contract theory interpretation of investment treaties

14. Dispute resolution mechanism for the Belt and Road Initiative

15. From bilateral arbitral tribunals and investment courts to a multilateral investment court : options regarding the institutionalization of investor-state dispute settlement

16. International investment arbitration in a Nutshell

17. International investment law and competition law

18. Investitionsschutz im Mehrebenensystem

19. Investor-State dispute settlement and national Courts : current framework and reform options

20. Rechtsfortbildung durch Investitionsschiedsgerichte : Analyse anhand der rechtlichen Bewertung von moral damages im Investitionsrecht

21. Reformhindernisse im internationalen Investitionsrecht

22. Trade and investment dispute settlement : the relations between international and national tribunals

23. Tratado de inversiones extranjeras y arbitraje de inversiones en Iberoamérica

24. Trends, dynamics and reform of international investment law in Africa: an ECOWAS case study

25. Unternehmensverantwortung und Internationales Recht