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1. The International Criminal Court and the responsibility to protect

2. Futures of international criminal justice

3. Institutional change and the International Criminal Court

4. Norm contestation, sovereignty and (ir)responsibility at the International Criminal Court : debunking liberal anti-politics

5. State behavior and the International Criminal Court : between cooperation and resistance

6. War and justice in the 21st century : a case study on the International Criminal Court and its interaction with the war on terror

7. The failure of the International Criminal Court in Africa : decolonising global justice

8. La Cour pénale internationale : leucophilie ou négrophobie ?

9. Histories written by international criminal courts and tribunals : developing a responsible history framework

10. Organized crime and international criminal law : history, lex lata, and developments de lege ferenda

11. Reparationen am Internationalen Strafgerichtshof

12. Africa and international criminal justice : radical evils and the International Criminal Court

13. Direito penal Internacional

14. Disputed territories and international criminal law : israeli settlements and the international criminal court

15. The Elgar companion to the International Criminal Court

16. The International Court of Justice handbook

17. Intersections of law and culture at the International Criminal Court

18. Völkerstrafrecht

19. Les fonctions de prévention et de réconciliation de la Cour pénale internationale : cas de la République démocratique du Congo

20. L'hirondelle et la tortue : quatrièmes Journées de la justice pénale internationale

21. The international Criminal Court contemporary challenges and reform

22. Accessing and implementing human rights and justice : edited by Kurt Mills and Melissa Labonte

23. Affective justice : the international criminal court and the pan-africanist pushback

24. Cosmopolitanism and the development of the international criminal court : non-governmental organization's advocacy and transnational human rights

25. Forces et faiblesses de la Cour pénale internationale