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1. Asset freezing at the international criminal court and the United Nations security council : a legal protection perspective

2. Obstruction of justice at the International Criminal Court

3. The Rome statute as evidence of customary international law

4. Victims before the International Criminal Court : definition, participation, reparation

5. The opening statement of the prosecution in international criminal trials : a solemn tale of horror

6. Les 20 ans du Statut de Rome : bilan et perspectives de la Cour pénale internationale

7. Abwesenheitsverfahren vor völkerstrafrechtlichen Tribunalen : zugleich ein Beitrag zu Grund und Grenzen des Anwesenheitsgrundsatzes

8. Autonomy and cooperation within the international criminal court and United Nations security council

9. Revisiting victims' participation at the ICC : advocacy for an efficient restorative international criminal justice system

10. Der Schulddefekt im Völkerstrafrecht : rechtsvergleichende Analyse und Reformvorschlag für den Internationalen Strafgerichtshof

11. Palestine and the International Criminal Court

12. Principled international criminal justice : lessons from tort law

13. Processo Internacional de Direitos Humanos

14. The Rome Statute of the ICC at its twentieth anniversary : achievements and perspectives

15. Statut de Rome de la Cour pénale internationale : commentaire article par article

16. The function of accusation in International Criminal Court : structure of crimes and the role of Prosecutor according to the international criminal jurisprudence

17. A practical guide to using international human rights and criminal law procedures

18. The International Criminal Court and Nigeria : implementing the complementarity principle of the Rome Statute

19. Sexualised crimes, armed conflict and the law : the International Criminal Court and the definitions of rape and forced marriage

20. Le dossier de la procédure devant la Cour pénale internationale

21. The international criminal court - an international criminal world court? : Jurisdiction and coperation mechanisms of the Rome statute and its practical implementation

22. The international criminal court and the right to interim release

23. Cross-border evidence gathering : equality of arms within the EU?

24. Le témoin assisté devant la Cour pénale internationale : contribution à l'évolution du droit international pénal

25. Историја међународног кривичног правосуђа и основне одлике поступка пред сталним Mеђународним кривичним судом