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1. Ensuring compliance with international humanitarian law : the EU, France, and Spain

2. The legacy of crimes and crises : transitional justice, domestic change and the role of the international community

3. Trials and tribulations of international prosecution

4. Counsel misconduct before the International Criminal Court : professional responsibility in international criminal defence

5. Derecho penal internacional y memoria histórica : desafíos del pasado y retos del futuro

6. Hybrid and internationalised criminal tribunals : selected jurisdictional issues

7. La compétence universelle: un mécanisme pour lutter contre l’impunité ? : La compétence universelle: un principe bien fondé dans le droit international coutumier ainsi que dans le droit international conventionnel

8. International criminal justice : a critical analysis of institutions and procedures

9. The UN international criminal tribunals : the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda and Sierra Leone

10. La giustizia penale internazionale

11. La répression pénale en droit international public

12. The witnesses : war crimes and the promise of justice in The Hague

13. Indictment, disclosure, admissibilty of evidence : jurisprudence of the ICTY and ICTR