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1. Freedom of navigation and the law of the sea : warships, states and the use of force

2. Investments in conflict zones : the role of international investment law in armed conflicts, disputed territories, and ‘frozen’ conflicts

3. Legal restraints on the use of military force : collected essays by Michael Bothe

4. Occupation and control in international humanitarian law

5. Violent non-state actors in modern conflict

6. The ethics of war and the force of law : a modern just war theory

7. A world history of war crimes : from antiquity to the present

8. Ensuring compliance with international humanitarian law : the EU, France, and Spain

9. Ensuring respect for international humanitarian law

10. Expert laws of war : restating and making law in expert processes

11. Humanitäres Völkerrecht : eine Einführung

12. Law and the arab-Israeli conflict : the trials of Palestine

13. Manuel de droit de la guerre

14. Oslo manual on select topics of the law of armed conflict : rules and commentary

15. La ciberseguridad a la luz del Jus ad bellum y del Jus in bello

16. International investment law and the law of armed conflict

17. International law and armed conflict : fundamental principles and contemporary challenges in the law

18. Justice for some : law and the question of Palestine

19. The Politics of the First World War : A Course in Game Theory and International Security

20. The application of the European Convention on Human Rights to military operations

21. Les conflits armes en mutation

22. The international law of belligerent occupation

23. The law of armed conflict : an operational approach

24. African Interventionist States

25. Allies that count : junior partners in coalition warfare