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1. Biolaw and international criminal law : towards interdisciplinary synergies

2. Emerging pathogens at the poles : disease and international trade law

3. International arbitration and the COVID-19 revolution

4. Das neue Infektionsschutzrecht

5. The patient, data protection and changing healthcare models : the impact of e-health on informed consent, anonymisation and purpose limitation

6. Bioderecho internacional y universalización : el papel de las organizaciones y los tribunales internacionales = International Biolaw and Universality: the Role of International Organizations and International Courts

7. Emergency powers in a time of pandemic

8. Environmental health in international and EU law : current challenges and legal responses

9. Scienza, diritto e giustizia internazionale

10. Trade agreements and public health : a primer for health policy makers, researchers and advocates

11. La pandemia da Covid-19 : profili di diritto nazionale, dell'Unione Europea ed internazionale

12. International medical law

13. Santé et droit international

14. The regulation of E-cigarettes : international, european and national challenges

15. Epidemic : Ebola and the global race to prevent the next killer outbreak

16. Research handbook on global health law

17. Biosecurity dilemmas : dreaded diseases, ethical responses, and the health of nations

18. Droit de la santé publique

19. Human rights and drug control : access to controlled essential medicines in resource-constrained countries

20. Global Health, Human Rights and the Challenge of Neoliberal Policies

21. Global health law

22. L'accès universel aux médicaments et les ADPIC : 1994-2014

23. La mondialisation des risques : Une histoire politique et transnationale des risques sanitaires et environnementaux

24. Le droit international face aux pandémies : vers un système de sécurité sanitaire collective

25. Access to medicines : the interface between patents and human rights. Does one size fit all ?