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1. Catalan independence and the crisis of sovereignty

2. Territorial politics and secession : constituional and international law dimensions

3. Between democracy and law : the amorality of secession

4. Indigenous courts, self-determination and criminal justice

5. Research handbook on post-conflict state building

6. Der Ukraine-Konflikt aus völkerrechtlicher Sicht

7. The United Nations : friend or foe of self-determination?

8. The Canadian contribution to a comparative law of secession : legacies of the Quebec Session Reference

9. Kosovo en el laberinto

10. Morality and legality of secession : a theory of national self-determination

11. Procesos de verdad, justicia y reparación a las víctimas de desaparición forzada en el Sahara Occidental

12. Self-determination and minority rights in China

13. Self-determination, international law and post-conflict reconstruction : a right in abeyance

14. Sezession und Reaktion : zur völkerrechtlichen Regelung des Sezessionsvorgangs

15. Autonomy and self-determination : between legal assertions and utopian aspirations

16. Die Bindung der Dritten Welt an das postkoloniale Völkerrecht : die Völkerrechtskommission, das Recht der Verträge und das Recht der Staatennachfolge in der Dekolonialisierung

17. Historical title, self-determination and the Kashmir question. : changing perspectives in international law

18. Israel on trial : how international law is being misused to delegitimize the State of Israel

19. On state secession from international law perspectives

20. Secession in international law : a new framework

21. Self-determination in disputed colonial territories

22. Il diritto alla autodeterminazione dei popoli : la dimensione interna

23. La questione del Sahara occidentale alla luce del principio di autodeterminazione dei popoli

24. Dividing the state : legitimacy, secession, and the doctrine of oppression

25. Droits de l'homme et colonies : de la mission de civilisation au droit à l'autodétermination