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1. Disputed territories and international criminal law : israeli settlements and the international criminal court

2. Routledge handbook of state recognition

3. Statualità e non riconoscimento nel diritto internazionale

4. Denying the spoils of war : the politics of invasion and non-recognition

5. Unrecognised subjects in international law

6. Die Pflicht zur Nicht-Anerkennung völkerrechtswidriger Gebietsänderungen

7. The law of Nations in global history

8. Die Anerkennung traditioneller Institutionen in Südafrika, Ghana und Uganda : eine verfassungs- und völkerrechtliche Perspektive

9. Droit international et reconnaissance

10. Recognition in International Law

11. Recognizing states : international society and the establishment of new states since 1776

12. Palestine and international law : essays on politics and economics

13. The Palestine question in international law

14. Die völkerrechtliche Verantwortlichkeit im Zusammenhang mit failed und failing States

15. Kollektive Nichtanerkennung illegaler Staaten : Grundlagen und Rechtsfolgen einer international koordinierten Sanktion dargestellt am Beispiel der Türkischen Republik Nord-Zypern

16. State failure, sovereignty and effectiveness : legal lessons from the decolonization of sub-Saharan Africa

17. Status and (human rights) obligations of non-recognized de facto regimes in international law : the case of 'Somaliland' (the resurrection of Somaliland against all international 'odds': state collapse, secession, non-recognition, and human rights)

18. Governmental illegitimacy in international law

19. Recognition in international law : a bibliography

20. New political entities in public and private international law : with special reference to the Palestinian entity

21. State practice regarding state succession and issues of recognition : the pilot project of the Council of Europe = Pratique des états concernant la succession d'états et les questions de reconnaissance

22. The recognition of states : law and practice in debate and evolution

23. Recognition of governments in international law : with particular reference to governments in exile

24. Possession contestée et souveraineté territoriale

25. Recognition of governments : legal doctrine and state practice, 1815-1995