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1. Changing actors in international law

2. Violent non-state actors in modern conflict

3. International humanitarian law and non-state actors : debates, law and practice

4. The role of non-state actors for refugees in Turkey : local integration of syrian refugees in Mersin

5. Os Sujeitos Não Estaduais no Direito Internacional

6. Organizing rebellion : non-state armed groups under international humanitarian law, human rights law, and international criminal law

7. Quasi-state entities and international criminal justice : legitimising narratives and counter-narratives

8. Detention of non-state actors engaged in hostilities : the future law

9. Lobbying in EU foreign policy-making : the case of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

10. Non-state actors in international law

11. Responsibilities of the non-state actor in armed conflict and the market place : theoretical considerations and empirical findings

12. From subjects to citizens : society and the everyday state in India and Pakistan, 1947 - 1970

13. Human security and international law : the challenge of non-state actors

14. Non state actors, soft law and protective regimes : from the margins

15. Diversification des acteurs et dynamique normative en droit international = Diversity of actors and dynamics of international law-making

16. Participants in the international legal system : multiple perspectives on non-state actors in international law

17. The Ashgate research companion to non-state actors

18. Civil society and international governance : the role of non-state actors in global and regional regulatory frameworks

19. Governments, non-state actors and trade policy-making : negotiating preferentially or multilaterally?

20. International legal personality

21. Non-state actor dynamics in international law : from law-takers to law-makers

22. Non-state actors and international law

23. Non-state actors as standard setters

24. Acteurs non étatiques et droit international : colloque des 6, 7, 8 avril 2006 ; VIIe Rencontre internationale de la Faculté des Sciences Juridiques, Politiques et Sociales de Tunis

25. The New Transnationalism : Transnational Governance and Democratic Legitimacy