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1. Advancing the legal status of women in islamic law

2. Human Trafficking under International and Tanzanian Law

3. Justice et esclavages

4. Labour exploitation in human trafficking law

5. Locke's political thought and the oceans : pirates, slaves and sailors

6. Formas contemporáneas de esclavitud y derechos humanos en clave de globalización, género y trata de personas

7. Liberty, slavery and the law in early modern western Europe : omnes homines aut liberi sunt aut servi

9. La place et le rôle de la Cour de cassation hors métropole : de l'empire colonial à la France

10. The slave trade, abolition and the long history of international criminal law : the recaptive and the victims

11. In the shadow of Dred Scott : St Louis freedom suits nd the legal culture of slavery in antebellum America

12. Possessed by the right hand : the problem of slavery in Islamic law and Muslim cultures

13. Slavery and social death : A comparative study, with a new preface

14. Granville Sharp's : cases on slavery

15. Human trafficking and slavery reconsidered : conceptual limits and states' positive obligations in European law

16. Revisiting the law and governance of trafficking, forced labor and modern slavery

17. Le droit international antiesclavagiste des "nations civilisées" (1815-1945)

18. Le droit international antiesclavagiste des "nations civilisées" (1815-1945)

19. The fearless Benjamin Lay : the quaker Dwarf who became the first revolutionary abolitionist

20. The Danish slave trade and its abolition

21. On coerced labor : work and compulsion after chattel slavery

22. University, court, and slave : pro-slavery thought in southern colleges and courts and the coming of Civil War

23. The navy and the slave trade : the suppression of the african slave trade in the nineteenth century

24. The 'civilizing mission' of portuguese colonialism, 1870-1930

25. From slave trade to empire : European colonisation of Black Africa 1780s-1880s