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1. An African Criminal Court : The African Union's rethinking of international criminal justice

2. Archives and human rights

3. Legality matters : crimes against humanity and the problems and promise of the prohibition on other inhumane acts

4. Prosecution of core crimes in Ethiopia : domestic practice vis-à-vis international standards

5. Annuaire de justice transitionnelle 2019

6. Complicity in international law

7. Documenter les violences : usages publics du passé dans la justice transitionnelle

8. International criminal law and its enforcement

9. State responsibility for support of armed groups in the commission of international crimes

10. The roles and functions of atrocity-related United Nations commissions of inquiry in the international legal order : navigating between principle and pragmatism

11. Conflicts and International Crimes: An Introduction to Research Methods

12. International 'criminal' responsibility : antinomies

13. The global prosecution of core crimes under international law

14. Tendencias internacionales sobre la jurisdicción universal la experiencia española

15. A theory of punishable participation in universal crimes

16. Abbreviated criminal procedures for core international crimes

17. Delitto e castigo nella società globale : crimini e processi internazionali

18. Experts, networks and international law

19. Prosecuting serious economic crimes as international crimes : a new mandate for the ICC?

20. Die Rolle des Strafrechts in Übergangsprozessen ohne Übergang : Überlegungen anhand des Falls Kolumbien

21. Tallinn manual 2.0 on the international law applicable to cyber operations

22. The African Criminal Court : a commentary on the Malabo Protocol

23. Translating guilt : identifying leadership liability for mass atrocity crimes

24. The crime of aggression : a commentary

25. Die letzten NS-Verfahren : Genugtuung für Opfer und Angehörige : Schwierigkeiten und Versäumnisse der Strafverfolgung