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1. Evil as a crime against humanity : confronting mass atrocities in a plural world

2. Legality matters : crimes against humanity and the problems and promise of the prohibition on other inhumane acts

3. Rethinking Holocaust justice : essays across disciplines

4. La giustizia penale internazionale. : perché non restino impuniti genocidi, crimini di guerra e contro l'umanità

5. Breaking the cycle of mass atrocities : criminological and socio-legal approaches in international criminal law

6. Humanness as a protected legal interest of crimes against humanity : conceptual and normative aspects

7. No a la impunidad : jurisdicción universal, la última esperanza de las victimas

8. "Crimes against Humanity" : eine Ideengeschichte der Zivilisierung von Kriegsgewalt 1864-1945

9. Crimes against humanity in the 21st century : law, practice, and threats to international peace and security

10. Juger les crimes contre l'humanité : les leçons de l'histoire

11. Le crime contre l'humanité

12. The reparative effects of human rights trials : lessons from Argentina

13. Wartime sexual violence : from silence to condemnation of a weapon of war

14. East West street : on the origins of “genocide” and “crimes against humanity”

15. International law and the protection of humanity

16. La mémoire et le droit des crimes de guerre et des crimes contre l'humanité depuis la Seconde Guerre mondiale : comparaison Allemagne fédérale - France

17. Amnesties, accountability, and human rights

18. Desaparición : Argentina's human rights trials

19. On the proposed crimes against humanity convention

20. Genocide and crimes against humanity : misconceptions and confusion in French law and practice

21. Stop mass atrocities : advancing EU cooperation with other international organizations

22. Le crime contre l'humanité

23. Crimes against humanity : the struggle for global justice

24. Génocide, crimes contre l'humanité et crimes de guerre face à la justice : les juridictions internationales et les tribunaux nationaux

25. Crimes against humanity : birth of a concept