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1. The Attribution of Torture in the Private Sphere : an analysis of the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights and the UN Committee against torture

2. Research handbook on torture : legal and medical perspectives on prohibition and prevention

3. Folter, unmenschliche und erniedrigende Behandlung in der Rechtsprechung des EGMR und die strafprozessualen Konsequenzen

4. Torture : an expert's confrontation with an everyday evil

5. Non-Refoulement Under the European Convention on Human Rights and the Un Convention Against Torture : The Assessment of Individual Complaints by the European Court of Human Rights under Article 3 ECHR and the United Nations Committee against Torture under Article 3 CAT

6. La torture

7. La torture au Moyen Âge : parlement de Paris, XIVe-XVè siècles

8. Fighting hurt : rule and exception in torture and war

9. The principle of non-refoulement under the ECHR and the UN Convention against torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment

10. Terror detentions and the rule of law : US and UK perspectives

11. Torture, power, and law

12. La justice pénale internationale face aux crimes de masse : approches critiques

13. This side of silence : human rights, torture, and the recognition of cruelty

14. Folterprävention im völkerrechtlichen Mehrebenensystem

15. Torture, terror, and trade-offs : philosophy for the White House

16. War, torture and terrorism : rethinking the rules of international security

17. Torture team : Rumsfeld's memo and the betrayal of American values

18. Torture : when the unthinkable is morally permissible

19. Judging war crimes and torture : French justice and international criminal tribunals and commissions (1940-2005)

20. The Pinochet effect : transnational justice in the age of human rights

21. Torture as tort : comparative perspectives on the development of transnational human rights litigation

22. The Pinochet papers : the case of Augusto Pinochet in Spain and Britain

23. A miracle, a universe : settling accounts with torturers

24. Contre la torture