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1. Post-Conflict Memorialization : Missing Memorials, Absent Bodies

2. An introduction to transitional justice

3. Beyond mediation : exploring indigenous models, narratives, and contextualization

4. Research handbook on post-conflict state building

5. Transitional justice in Africa : the case of Zimbabwe

6. The international criminal court and the lord's resistance army : enduring dilemmas of transitional justice

7. Amnesties, pardons and transitional justice : Spain's pact of forgetting

8. Gender and war : international and transitional justice perspectives

9. The International Criminal Court and peace processes : Cȏte d’Ivoire, Kenya and Uganda

10. New critical spaces in transitional justice : gender, art, and memory

11. Post-genocide redress in Rwanda : a international-law perspective

12. Resistance and transitional justice

13. South Africa’s post-apartheid military : lost in transition and transformation

14. Beyond genocide : transitional justice and Gacaca courts in Rwanda, the search for truth, justice and reconciliation

15. Post-conflict security in South Sudan

16. Rape, sexual violence and transitional justice challenges : lessons from Bosnia-Herzegovina

17. Understanding Quality Peace : Peacebuilding after Civil War

18. The dissolution of Yugoslavia and the Badinter Arbitration Commission : a contextual study of peace-making efforts in the post-Cold War world

19. Bridging divides in transitional justice : the extraordinary chambers in the courts of Cambodia

20. Reparations for child victims of armed conflict : state of the field and current challenges

21. Transformative transitional justice and the malleability of post-conflict states

22. La construction d'une justice transitionnelle par degrés : le cas colombien

23. An introduction to transitional justice

24. Facing the past : amending historical injustices through instruments of transitional justice

25. How Mass Atrocities End : Studies from Guatemala, Burundi, Indonesia, the Sudans, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Iraq