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1. Le droit international de la délimitation des frontières

2. Coopérer en droit international des cours d'eau transfrontaliers : état du droit et étude du cas chinois

3. The Gabčíkovo-Nagymaros judgement and its contribution to the development of international law

4. Maritime claims and boundary delimitation : tensions and trends in the eastern Mediterranean Sea

5. Il mare "conteso" : lo sfruttamento del fondale a fini energetici fra Stato e regioni : profili costituzionali

6. La protection des intérêts juridiques de l'Etat tiers dans le procès de délimitation maritime

7. Maritime disputes and international law : disputed waters and seabed resources in Asia and Europe

8. Solution protocols to festering island disputes

9. The Timor-Leste/Australia conciliation : a victory for UNCLO and peaceful settlement of disputes

10. Demilitarization and international law in context : the Åland islands

11. The International Court of Justice and maritime disputes : the case of Chile and Peru

12. Maritime boundary delimitation : the case law ; Is it consistent and predictable?

13. Pedra Branca : Story of the Unheard Cases

14. Rock solid : how the Philippines won its maritime case against China

15. Strategic challenges in the Baltic Sea region : Russia, deterrence, and reassurance

16. Délimitation maritime entre la RD Congo et l'Angola : quelle solution juridique, politique et économique ?

17. Islands and rocks in the South China Sea : post-Hague ruling

18. Maritime disputes in northeast Asia : regional challenges and cooperation

19. Natural resources and the law of the sea : exploration, allocation, exploitation of natural resources in areas under national jurisdiction and beyond

20. Promoting equity, cooperation and innovation in the fields of transboundary waters and natural resources management : the legacy of Dr. David J. H. Phillips

21. Unresolved border, land, and maritime disputes in southeast Asia

22. Challenges of the changing Arctic : continental shelf, navigation, and fisheries

23. Freshwater boundaries revisited : recent developments in international river and lake delimintation

24. Negotiating international water rights : resource conflict in Turkey, Syria and Iraq

25. Report of the obligations of States under articles 74(3) and 83(3) of UNCLOS in respect of undelimit maritime areas