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1. Governing groundwater : between law and practice

2. International law for freshwater protection

3. Liability for transboundary pollution at the intersection of public and private international law

4. Les écosystèmes ont-ils des droits ? : la personnification de la nature comme traduction juridique des communs

5. Reciprocity and China's transboundary waters : the law of international watercourses

6. River basin organizations in water diplomacy

7. Water law

8. African basin management organizations : contribution to pollution prevention of transboundary water resources

9. Coopérer en droit international des cours d'eau transfrontaliers : état du droit et étude du cas chinois

10. Etre la rivière : comment le fleuve Whanganui est devenu une personne vivante selon la loi

11. Governance of offshore freshwater resources

12. Implementing international watercourses law through the WEF Nexus and SDGs: an integrated approach illustrated in the Zambezi river basin

13. International groundwater law and the US-Mexico border region

14. International law and transboundary aquifers

15. Legal rights for rivers : competition, collaboration and water governance

16. Mega-dams and indigenous human rights

17. Nile Water Rights : An International Law Perspective

18. The right to water for food and agriculture

19. Adapting watercourse agreements to developments in international law : the case of the Itaipu treaty

20. Cross-border water trade : legal and interdisciplinary perspectives

21. Indigenous rights and water resource management : not just another stakeholder

22. Notification concerning planned measures on shared watercourses : synergies between the watercourses convention and the World Bank policies and practices

23. Principles of water law and administration : national and international

24. Research handbook on international water law

25. Transboundary water disputes : state conflict and the assessment of their adjudication