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1. Brexit : legal and economic aspects of a political divorce

2. Brexit : tra diritto e politica

3. Constitutions under pressure : France and the United Kingdom in an age of populism and Brexit = Constitutions sous pression : la France et le Royaume-Uni au temps du populisme et du Brexit. : Constitutions sous pression : la France et le Royaume-Uni au temps du populisme et du Brexit : symposium, Paris, 28 mai 2020

4. Employment and commercial disputes : the international aspects

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11. Brexit-Abkommen : Vertragstext, Protokolle, politische Erklärung

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13. The British constitution resettled : parliamentary sovereignty before and after Brexit

14. Die EU im Lichte des Brexits und der Wahlen: Faktoren der Stabilität und Desintegration

15. The EU in the 21st century : challenges and opportunities for the european integration process

16. European public law : the achievement and the Brexit challenge

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18. El futuro de la Unión y la amenaza de una no Europa : la crisis de valores de la UE

19. The governance of criminal justice in the European Union : transnationalism, localism and public participation in an evolving constitutional order

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21. Beyond Brexit : Britain's unprotected constitution

22. Brexit - and what it means

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24. Brexit and the Future of EU Politics : a constitutional law perspective

25. Changing borders in Europe : exploring the dynamics of integration, differentiation and self-determination in the European Union