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1. Deutsche Streitkräfte in militärischen Missionen der Europäischen Union : die verfassungsrechtliche Zulässigkeit einer Beteiligung deutscher Streitkräfte an militärischen Missionen der Europäischen Union auf der Grundlage des Art. 24 Abs. 2 GG und ihre verfassungsprozessuale Überprüfbarkeit

2. Coopération opérationnelle en droit pénal de l'Union européenne

3. Ensuring compliance with international humanitarian law : the EU, France, and Spain

4. The Routledge handbook of european security law and policy

5. Unión Europea: principios, competencias, primacía, impacto de las sentencias, política exterior

6. Le misure restrittive autonome dell'Unione europea

7. The new EU counter-terrorism offences and the complementary mechanism of controlling terrorist financing as challenges for the rule of law

8. European security in a post-Brexit world

9. Repensar la Unión Europea : Gobernanza, Seguridad, Mercado Interior y Ciudadanía, XXVII Jornadas AEPDIRI

10. A peaceful revolution : the development of police and judicial cooperation in the European Union

11. La politica di sicurezza e di difesa comune dell'Unione Europea : profili di responsabilità internazionale

12. Handbook of European Criminal Procedure

13. Research handbook on the EU's common foreign and security policy

14. Security and defence cooperation in the EU : a matter of utility and choice

15. The rule of crisis : terrorism, emergency legislation and the rule of law

16. The European Union as an area of freedom, security and justice

17. Global data protection in the field of law enforcement : an EU perspective

18. Security and globalization in the context of European integration : legal aspects

19. The fundamental right to data protection : normative value in the context of counter-terrorism surveillance

20. The EU and the security-development Nexus : bridging the legal divide

21. EU criminal justice and the challenges of diversity : legal cultures in the area of freedom, security and justice

22. The European Atomic Energy Community in the European Union context : the "outsider" within

23. The European Union's foreign policy in comparative perspective : beyond the "actorness and power" debate

24. Forward resilience : protecting society in an interconnected world

25. Trust in international police and justice cooperation