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1. Genomeditierung bei Pflanzen : Rechtsrahmen und Reformoptionen

2. Les vingt ans du règlement sur la législation et la sécurité alimentaire dans l'Union européenne : bilan et perspectives

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5. The emergence of biolaw : the european experience and the evolutionary approcha

6. Data protection by design in the E-health care sector : theoretical and applied perspectives

7. Droit alimentaire : approche pragmatique de la réglementation belge et européenne

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9. International food law : how food law can balance health, environment and animal welfare

10. The patient, data protection and changing healthcare models : the impact of e-health on informed consent, anonymisation and purpose limitation

11. European water law and hydropolitics : an Inquiry into the resilience of transboundary water governance in the European Union

12. Market access of traditional chinese medicinal product in the EU under WTO legal framework

13. I terzi e l'attività di valutazione tecnico-scientifica : tra tutela della salute e mercato interno

14. Pharmaceutical and medical device safety : a study in public and private regulation

15. The regulation of E-cigarettes : international, european and national challenges

16. Droit européen de la santé

17. Regulating and managing food safety in the EU : a legal-economic perspective

18. Droit de la santé publique

19. European health law

20. Hybridization of food governance : trends, types and results

21. Pesticide policy and politics in the European Union : regulatory assessment, implementation and enforcement

22. Regulating risks in the European Union

23. Research handbook on EU health law and policy

24. Tratado de Protección de Datos : el modelo europeo en eHealth

25. Wege der Ernährungswirtschaft - global, regional, europäisch