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1. Law, liberty and the constitution : a brief history of the common law

2. Postcolonialisme et droit : perspectives épistémologiques

3. Christian foundations of the common law : volume 1 : England

4. Diciplining the Empire : politics, governance, and the rise of the British Navy

5. In pursuit of civility : manners and civilization in early modern England

6. Petitioning for land : the petitions of first peoples of modern British colonies

7. Russia and the British left : from the 1848 revolutions to the general strike

8. The Scottish enlightenment abroad : the Russells of Braidshaw in Aleppo and on the coast of Coromandel

9. Trading in war : London's maritime world in the age of Cook and Nelson

10. A business of state : commerce, politics, and the birth of the East India company

11. Freedom’s debtors : British antislavery in Sierra Leone in the age of revolution

12. Granville Sharp's : cases on slavery

13. Human rights and the Northern Ireland conflict : law, politics and conflict 1921-2014

14. Till time's last sand : a history of the Bank of England : 1694-2013

15. What next? : Britain's future in Europe

16. The emergence of globalism : visions of world order in Britain and the United States, 1939-1950

17. The legal epic : Paradise Lost and the early modern law

18. The leveller revolution : radical political organisation in England, 1640-1650

19. The new map of empire : how Britain imagined America before independence

20. Britain, West Africa and the formation of imperial international law (1807-1885)

21. England's great transformation : law, labor, and the Industrial Revolution

22. 30 years after : issues and representations of the Falklands War

23. Britannia's embrace : modern humanitarianism and the imperial origins of refugee

24. British humanitarianism and the Congo reform movement, 1896-1913

25. Legal life-writing : marginalised subjects and sources