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1. Brexit : tra diritto e politica

2. The routledge handbook on the international dimension of Brexit

3. Brexit-Abkommen : Vertragstext, Protokolle, politische Erklärung

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5. Brexit - and what it means

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7. Brexit and the Future of EU Politics : a constitutional law perspective

8. BREXIT : a case in point for a single market treaty? A perspective from within the process of european economic integration

9. Class matters : inequality and exploitation in twenty-first century Britain

10. Complexity's embrace : the international law implications of Brexit

11. Muslim identity politics : islam, activism and equality in Britain

12. A party with socialists in it : a history of the labour left

13. BREXIT aus Versehen : Europäische Union zwischen Desintegration und neuer EU

14. Brexit : enjeux et perspectives politiques, économiques et juridiques

15. Le Brexit : enjeux régionaux, nationaux et internationaux

16. Brexit and its consequences for UK and EU citizenship or monstrous citizenship

17. Corbyn : the strange rebirth of radical politics

18. European citizenship after Brexit : freedom of movement and rights of residence

19. Negotiating Brexit

20. The UK after brexit : legal and policy challenges

21. What next? : Britain's future in Europe

22. The law & politics of Brexit

23. The leveller revolution : radical political organisation in England, 1640-1650

24. Brexit

25. Britain alone ! : the implications and consequences of United Kingdom exit from the EU