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1. Justice before the law

2. Pragmatism, logic, and law

3. U.S. Law for civil lawyers : a practitioner's guide

4. Krisen : Ein Erklärungsversuch dynamischer Rechtsentwicklungen in Krisenzeiten

5. Adversarial legalism : the American way of law

6. Origins of order : project and system in the American legal imagination

7. Certezza del diritto e discrezionalità giudiziale nei sistemi giuridici ibridi : il caso della Louisiana

8. Ethics at the edges of law : Christian moralists and American legal thought

9. Nella mente del giudice : il contributo di Jerome Frank al realismo giuridico americano

10. US-Rechtspraxis : Praxishandbuch Zivilrecht und Öffentliches Recht

11. Le droit américain

12. Il modello di common law

13. Droit de la Louisiane

14. Justice and empathy : toward a constitutional ideal

15. Legal origins and the efficiency dilemma

16. Rebooting justice : more technology, fewer lawyers, and the future of law

17. The law of the United States : an introduction

18. Exemptions : necessary, justified, or misguided ?

19. Invitation to law and society : an introduction to the study of real law

20. Law of the United States : an overview

21. Misreading law, misreading democracy

22. The common law tradition : deciding appeals

23. The heart of the declaration : the founder's case for an activist government

24. The law of judicial precedent

25. The myth of the litigious society : why we don't sue