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1. Autonomy and liberalism

2. An introduction to transitional justice

3. International law and post-conflict reconstruction policy

4. International trade law statutes and conventions : 2016-2018

5. Legal and ethical complications of drone warfare

6. Silenced victims of wartime sexual violence

7. Space law : a treatise

8. Too many lawyers? : the future of the legal profession

9. English legal system

10. The law of the United States : an introduction

11. International Development

12. Nationalization, natural resources and international investment law : contractual relationship as a dynamic bargaining process

13. Human rights in education, science and culture : legal developments and challenges

14. Human rights-based change : the institutionalisation of economic and social rights

15. Natural law and the origin of political rconomy : Samuel Pufendorf and the history of economics

16. Law and diplomacy in the management of EU-Asia trade and investment relations

17. Private law, nudging and behavioural economic analysis : the mandated-choice model

18. Negotiations in the World Trade Organization : design and performance

19. The IMF, the WTO & the politics of economic surveillance

20. Human rights and justice : philosophical, economic, and social perspectives

21. The use of force in UN peacekeeping

22. UN Security Council reform

23. Human rights and conflict resolution : bridging the theoretical and practical divide

24. The United Nations as a knowledge system

25. The League of Nations : enduring legacies of the first experiment at world organization

26. British media and the Rwandan genocide

27. Inside the United Nations : multilateral diplomacy up close

28. Rules, politics, and the International Criminal Court : committing to the court

29. The security council as global legislator

30. Human rights and drug control : a new perspective

31. The rule of law in developing countries : the case of Bangladesh

32. National law and international human rights law : cases of Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe

33. International patent rights harmonisation : the case of Chine

34. The faces of virtue in law

35. International law and the use of force : cases and materials

36. Environmental law across cultures : comparisons for legal practice

37. International workplace sexual harassment laws and developments for the multinational employer

38. Human rights law and evidence-based policy : the impact of the EU fundamental rights agency

39. Economic and social rights law : incorporation, justiciability and principles of adjudication

40. Disputed territories and international criminal law : israeli settlements and the international criminal court

41. Transitional justice from state to civil society : democratization in Indonesia

42. Women and international human rights law : universal periodic review in practice

43. Dignity, degrading treatment and torture in human rights law : the ends of article 3 of tje European convention on human rights

44. Rights-based litigation, urban governance and social justice in South Africa : the right to Joburg

45. Unlocking the english legal system

46. The international application of FIDIC contracts : a practical guide

47. International environmental law : a case study analysis

48. Cases and materials on the carriage of goods by sea

49. Propaganda and international criminal law : from cognition to criminality

50. Africa and international criminal justice : radical evils and the International Criminal Court

51. The state and the paradox of customary law in Africa

52. Law, technology and cognition : the human element in online copyright infringement

53. Employee rights in corporate insolvency : a UK and US perspective

54. Texts and materials on international human rights

55. Chinese Multinational Companies and Human Rights

56. Creating the law : state supreme court opinions and the effect of audiences

57. Imperatives for legal education research : then, now and tomorrow

58. Law and economics as interdisciplinary exchange : philosophical, methodological and historical perspectives

59. Courts, politics and constitutional law : judicialization of politics and politicization of the judiciary

60. The politics of hate speech laws

61. The responsibility to protect in Libya and Syria : mass atrocities, human protection, and international law

62. The law and practice of the European Social Committee

63. Judicial reform in Taiwan : democratization and the diffusion of law

64. The formation of professional identity : the path from student to lawyer

65. The International Law on Financial Crime

66. Fundamentals of international aviation law and policy

67. Between democracy and law : the amorality of secession

68. Anthropocene Antarctica : perspectives from the humanities, law and social sciences

69. South Africa and the UN human rights council : the fate of the liberal order

70. Criminal theory and international human rights law

71. Annotated leading trademark cases in major asian jurisdictions

72. The development of Iran's upstream oil and gas industry : the potential role of new concession contracts

73. Law and the wearing of religious symbols in Europe

74. Human rights in India

75. Indigenous courts, self-determination and criminal justice

76. The slave trade, abolition and the long history of international criminal law : the recaptive and the victims

77. Assisted reproduction, discrimination, and the law

78. EU–Japan relations and the crisis of multilateralism

79. International trials and reconciliation : assessing the impact of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

80. The politics of private transnational governance by contract

81. Routledge handbook of state recognition

82. Global environmental politics : from person to planet

83. Routledge handbook of peacebuilding

84. The Concept of Military Objectives in International Law and Targeting Practice

85. Public international law

86. Transitional justice in Rwanda : accountability for atrocity

87. The Global Financial Crisis : From US subprime mortgages to European sovereign debt

88. The European Sovereign Debt Crisis and Its Impacts on Financial Markets

89. Routledge Handbook of Global Sports Law

90. The effectiveness of the UN human rights system : reform and the judicialisation of human rights

91. The rule of law in crisis and conflict grey zones : regulating the use of force in a global information environment

92. The United States supreme court's assault on the constitution, democracy and the rule of law

93. Internet Governance: A Human Rights Perspective

94. Preparing to moot : a step-by-step guide to mooting

95. Women in law and lawmaking in nineteenth and twentieth-century europe

96. Routledge handbook of water law and policy

97. The UN Watercourses Convention in force : strengthening international law for transboundary water management

98. Historical Justice

99. Prosecuting juvenile piracy suspects : the international legal framework

100. The navy and the slave trade : the suppression of the african slave trade in the nineteenth century