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30051. The idea of human rights

30052. L'identité constitutionnelle saisie par les juges en Europe

30053. The impact of international law on international cooperation : theoretical perspectives

30054. The impact of investment treaties on contracts between host states and foreign investors

30055. The implementation of the European arrest warrant in the European Union : law, policy and practice

30056. An inconvenient deliberation : the precautionary principle's contribution to the uncertainties surrounding climate change liability

30057. The independence of judges in China and Germany

30058. L'insolvabilité des entreprises en droit comparé

30059. The institutional structure of antitrust enforcement

30060. The internal implementation of peace agreements after violent intrastate conflict : guidance for internal actors responsible for implementation

30061. The international law of human rights

30062. Das internationale Zivilprozessrecht in der ZPO : Kommentar

30063. L'internationalisation du jugement des actes de terrorisme international

30064. The interpretation of contracts

30065. L'intervento di terzi nel processo dinanzi ai giudici dell'Unione Europea

30066. Las intimaciones judiciales en el proceso civil

30067. An introduction to law and economics

30068. An introduction to the International Criminal Court

30069. L'intrusion homoparentale : commentaire du projet de loi portant réforme du mariage et de la filiation

30070. The invention of international relations : realism, the Rockfeller foundation, and the 1954 conference on theory

30071. Der islamistische Totalitarismus : über Antisemitismus, Anti-Bahaismus, Christenverfolgung und geschlechtsspezifische Apartheid in der "Islamischen Republik Iran"

30072. The judicial House of Lords : 1876 - 2009

30073. The judicial power of the purse : how courts fund national defense in times of crisis

30074. The judiciary in Central and Eastern Europe : mechanical jurisprudence in transformation?

30075. The justice cascade : how human rights prosecutions are changing world politics