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1. "I that is we, we that is I" - perspectives on contemporary Hegel : social ontology, recognition, naturalism, and the critique of Kantian constructivism

2. "LAW train" self-learning handbook on Brussels I recast and Brussels II bis regulations

3. 'Boat refugees' and migrants at sea : a comprehensive approach (integrating maritime security with human rights)

4. Moss, Fletcher and Isaacs on the EU regulation on insolvency proceedings

5. Post-employment covenants in employment relationships

6. 100 years of peace through law : past and future

7. The 10th anniversary of the Istanbul Convention : Italian – Turkish conference Pisa, 18th June 2021

8. The 1713 Peace of Utrecht and its enduring effects

9. The 1848 revolutions and European political thought

10. The 1949 Geneva conventions : a commentary

11. The 1989 revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe : from communism to pluralism

12. The 1998-2000 Eritrea-Ethiopia war and its aftermath in international legal perspective : from the 2000 Algiers agreements to the 2018peace agreement

13. 20 years of the WTO : a retrospective

14. The 2003 UNESCO intangible heritage convention : a commentary

15. The 2016 EU justice scoreboard

16. 2020 survey of federal class action law. : a U.S. supreme court and circuit-by-circuit analysis

17. The 21st century maritime silk road : challenges and opportunities for Asia and Europe

18. 25 Years of the TRIPS agreement : past, present, future

19. 25 years of class actions in Australia: 1992-2017

20. 30 Anos da assinatura da Convenção das Nações Unidas Sobre o Direito do Mar : protecção do ambiente e o futura do direito do mar : actas da conferência internacional : Faculdade de Direito da Universidade do Porto, 15-17 de Novembro de 2012 = 30 years after the signature of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea : the protection of the environment and the future of the Law of the Sea : proceedings of the international conference : Faculty of Law, University of Porto, 15-17 November 2012

21. 30 ans ASF, Avocats sans frontières

22. 30 voci per 30 diritti : liberi commenti agli articoli della Dichiarazione universale dei diritti umani

23. 30 years after : issues and representations of the Falklands War

24. 3D printing and beyond : intellectual property and regulation

25. 40 ans des lignes directrices de l'OCDE pour les entreprises multinationales = 40 Years of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Entreprises