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1. Comparative Law in a Changing World

2. Insolvency Law & Restructuring in Germany

3. International Investment Law and Arbitration

4. Arbitration clauses and third parties

5. Business and Human Rights in Africa: History, Politics, Context, and Emerging Trends

6. Chinese Multinational Companies and Human Rights

7. Cosmopolitanism, state sovereignty and international law and politics : a theory

8. Decolonising restorative justice : a case of policy reform

9. Defences in International Investment Law

10. Delayed transitional justice : lessons from Spain, Brazil, and Uruguay

11. EU trade mark law and product protection : a comparative analysis of trade mark functionality

12. Global animal law from the margins : international trade in animals and their bodies

13. Human Rights, the Rule of Law and Exploitation in the Postcolony

14. Human rights and development

15. Innate Cosmopolitanism: The Immanent Collective in International Law

16. Law and society : an introduction

17. National courts and the application of EU law : lessons from Poland

18. Practical Cataloguing for the Hybrid Environment

19. Public international law

20. Queer victimology : understanding the victim experience

21. Reflections on the future of human rights

22. Reimagining the international legal order

23. Restorative justice practice

24. Robotics, AI and criminal law : crimes againts robots

25. Routledge handbook of commercial space law