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1. "Crossover" Children in the youth justice and child protection systems

2. ASEAN and power in international relations : ASEAN, the EU, and the contestation of human rights

3. ASEAN law and regional integration : governance and the rule of law in southeast Asia’s single market

4. Access and control in digital humanities

5. Accountability, international business operations and the law : providing justice for corporate human rights violations in global value chains

6. Artificial intelligence and the law : cybercrime and criminal liability

7. Assisted suicide and the European Convention on Human Rights

8. Bangladesh and international law

9. Banking Law : Private Transactions and Regulatory Frameworks

10. Banking bailout law : a comparative study of the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union

11. Better law for a better world : new approaches to law practice and education

12. Beyond the responsibility to protect in international law : an ethics of irresponsibility

13. Big data, political campaigning and the law : democracy and privacy in the age of micro-targeting

14. COVID-19 and human rights

15. China's maritime boundaries in the South China Sea : historical and international law perspectives

16. Chinese State Owned Enterprises and EU Merger Control

17. Christianity and global law

18. Civil jurisdiction and judgments

19. Class actions in privacy law

20. Climate change law, technology transfer and sustainable development

21. Combating corruption in the Middle East : a socio-legal study of Kuwait

22. Complaints to the authorities in Russia : a trap between tradition and legal modernization

23. Convict cCriminology for the future

24. Copyright law and translation : access to knowledge in developing economies

25. Crime and punishment in the future internet : digital frontier technologies and criminology in the twenty-first century

26. Crimes against the environment

27. Criminal networks and law enforcement : global perspectives on illegal enterprise

28. Criminology and democratic politics

29. Criminology in brief : understanding crime and criminal justice

30. Data : new trajectories in law

31. Decolonising justice for aboriginal youth with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

32. Decolonizing law : indigenous, third world and settler perspectives

33. Delivering justice : issues and concerns

34. Development-induced displacement and human rights in Africa : the Kampala convention

35. Dialogues on Italian constitutional justice : a comparative perspective

36. Dictatorship : new trajectories in law

37. Digital piracy : a global, multidisciplinary account

38. Discrimination, Vulnerable Consumers and Financial Inclusion

39. Dispute resolution in China : litigation, arbitration, mediation and their cross-interactions

40. Disrupting copyright : how disruptive innovations and social norms are challenging IP law

41. Distributive Institutions : the view of economic law

42. Diversity of law in the United Arab Emirates : privacy, security and the legal system

43. The Domestic Institutionalisation of Human Rights

44. EU and CARICOM

45. EU law enforcement : the evolution of sanctioning powers

46. EU regional trade agreements : an instrument of promoting the rule of law to third states

47. Earth system law : standing on the precipice of the anthropocene

48. Ecological law and the planetary crisis : a legal guide for harmony on Earth

49. Economic analysis and law : the economics of the courtroom

50. Effective Police Supervision

51. Effective environmental regulation in China : reflections on the experience of European union legislation on environmental permits

52. Emerging pathogens at the poles : disease and international trade law

53. Environmental justice and oil pollution laws : comparing enforcement in the United States and Nigeria

54. Environmental justice as decolonization : political contention, innovation and resistance over indigenous fishing rights in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States

55. Environmental protection, China and international trade : greening the WTO ban on chinese export duties

56. Ethics : new Trajectories in Law

57. Ethics, ethnocentrism and social science research

58. Ethics, law and natural hazards : the moral imperative for international intervention post-disaster

59. European economic legal order after brexit : legacy, regulation and policy

60. European futures : challenges and crossroads for the European Union of 2050

61. Execution culture in nineteeth century Britain : from public spectacle to hidden ritual

62. Executive clemency : comparative and empirical perspectives

63. Expanding perspectives on human rights in Africa

64. FinTech, artificial intelligence and the law : regulation and crime prevention

65. Freedom of expression in Russia's new mediasphere

66. Freedom of navigation and the law of the sea : warships, states and the use of force

67. Freedoms of navigation in the Asia-Pacific region : strategic, political and legal factors

68. From environmental to ecological law

69. Gender, poverty and access to justice policy : implementation in Sub-Saharan Africa

70. Gender, transitional justice and memorial arts : global perspectives on commemoration and mobilization

71. Genocide and victimology

72. Global justice in East Asia

73. Global trade, labour rights and international law : a multilevel approach

74. Host government agreements and the law in the energy sector : the casse of Azerbaijan and Turkey

75. Human rights and the revision of refugee law

76. Human rights monitoring and implementation : how to make rights "real" in children's lives

77. Humanitarian intervention, colonialism, islam and democracy : an analysis through the human-nonhuman distinction

78. Indigenous legal judgments : bringing indigenous voices into judicial decision making

79. Innovating construction law : towards the digital age

80. Intellectual and cultural property : between market and community

81. Intellectual property and the law of ideas

82. Intellectual property in Russia

83. Intellectual property law and access to medicines : trips agreement, health, and pharmaceuticals

84. International business law and the legal environment : a transitional approach

85. International corporate personhood : business and the bodyless in international law

86. International disability rights advocacy : languages of moral knowledge and institutional critique

87. International environmental law compliance in context : mechanisms and case studies

88. International human rights law and crimes against women in Turkey : legislation on so-called honour killings

89. International investment law and gender equality : stabilization clauses and foreign investment

90. International investment protection within Europe : the EU's assertion of control

91. International law and global governance : treaty regimes and sustainable development goals implementation

92. International taxation law in sports events

93. Interpreters and war crimes

94. Judging and emotion : a socio-legal analysis

95. Justice upon petition : the House of Lords and the reformation of justice 1621-1675

96. Key directions in legal education : national and international perspectives

97. Labour rights and the catholic church : the international labour organisation, the holy see and catholic social teaching

98. Law and philosophy of language : ordinariness of law

99. Law and the christian tradition in Italy : the legacy of the great jurists

100. Law and the christian tradition in Scandinavia : the writings of great nordic jurists