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1. UK company law : an Edinburgh law guide

2. Private International Law of Reinsurance and Insurance

3. Comparative Law in a Changing World

4. Handbuch für die Schiedsgerichtspraxis

5. Insolvency Law & Restructuring in Germany

6. International Investment Law and Arbitration

7. Restorative Justice And Ubuntu: Indigenous Knowledge And Contemporary Developments

8. International Natural Resources Law

9. Restorative justice practice

10. Tax Law and Investment Arbitration

11. African Court of Justice and Human Rights and the International Criminal Court

12. The Children's Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011 - A User's Guide

13. Corruption and international trade : a legal perspective

14. Cyber Security and the GDPR

15. Debating Hate Speech

16. Human rights and the private sphere : a comparative study

17. The Impact of Trade Law in International Investment Arbitration

18. International Arbitration Rules

19. International Business Law

20. International Trademark Protection

21. Jurisdiction, immunity and transnational human rights litigation

22. Key Ideas in Constitutional Law

23. Peace Without Justice

24. Police Misconduct, Complaints, and Public Regulation

25. The Political Turn in Criminal Law Scholarship

26. A practical guide to European patent law

27. The ABCs of Debt

28. AGB-Recht : Kommentar zu den §§ 305-310 BGB und zum UKlaG

29. ASEAN International Law

30. Aboriginal women, law and critical race theory : storytelling from the margins

31. Acreedores con garantía real en el concurso

32. Adjudicating global business in and with India : international commercial and investment disputes settlement

33. Advancing environmental justice for marginalized communities in India : progress, challenges and opportunities

34. African Continental Free Trade Area Law Persuing Harmonised African Continental Policy

35. African Customary Justice: Living Law, Legal Pluralism, and Public Ethics

36. After the damages directive : policy and practice in the EU member states and the United Kingdom

37. Against progress : intellectual property and fundamental values in the internet age

38. Aide juridique et assistance judiciaire

39. Akehurst's modern introduction to international law

40. Aktien- und GmbH-Konzernrecht : Kommentar

41. Aktiengesetz

42. Allegiance, citizenship and the law : the enigma of belonging

43. Allgemeines Persönlichkeitsrecht und allgemeines Persönlichkeitsvermögensrecht

44. Allgemeines Schuldrecht

45. Alternative Dispute Resolution in Energy Industries

46. The American Convention on Human Rights : a commentary

47. Amnestiegesetze und Rule of Law im Völkerrecht : die völkerrechtliche Einhegung innerstaatlicher Amnestien: Verrechtlichung des Politischen oder Politisierung des Rechts?

48. Analogie und Argument

49. Ancient indigenous human remains and the law

50. Anlegerschutzrecht

51. Anti-Monopoly Law and Practice in China

52. Arbitrage in hoofdlijnen

53. Arbitration in Family Proceedings

54. Arbitration of trust disputes

55. The Arbitrator's Discretion in Conflict of Laws Matters : Article 1 (1) of the CISG in International Arbitration

56. Archbold Magistrates' Court Criminal Practice 2023

57. Armed conflict and human rights law : protecting civilians and international humanitarian law

58. The Art and Craft of Judgment Writing

59. Article by article : the universal declaration of human rights for a new generation

60. Artificial intelligence : law and regulation

61. Autonomous weapons systems and international norms

62. Außervertragliche Haftung im Europäischen Verwaltungsverbund

63. BGB

64. BGB

65. BGB Kommentar

66. Baird's The Elements of Bankruptcy

67. Band 2. Schuldrecht. Allgemeiner Teil I

68. Band 3 Schuldrecht. Allgemeiner Teil II

69. Band 3. Sachenrecht. § 854-1296

70. Band 3. §§ 946-1120, EGZPO, GVG, EGGVG, UKlaG, Internationales und Europäisches Zivilprozessrecht

72. Banking regulation in Africa : the case of Nigeria and other emerging economies

73. Bausteine supranationaler Gerichtskooperation : der europäische Justizraum in der Konsolidierungsphase

74. Die Bedeutung des Schweigens im Privatrecht : ein deutsch-italienischer Rechtsvergleich unter Berücksichtigung des Internationalen Privatrechts

75. Beratungshilfe - Prozesskostenhilfe - Verfahrenskostenhilfe

76. Der Besondere Teil des neuen chinesischen Zivilgesetzbuches : zwischen Tradition und Moderne

77. Besonderes Schuldrecht

78. Beyond Imperfect Justice

79. Beyond transitional justice : transformative justice and the state of the field (or non-field)

80. Big Data Analytics and Its Impact on Basin Water Agreements and International Water Law

81. Bilingual study and research |b the need and the challenges

82. Die Bindung Dritter an Prozessergebnisse : eine Neubestimmung der subjektiven Rechtskraftwirkungen und sonstiger Drittbindungen

83. Biometric Data and New Technologies - The Law and Practical Issues on Technologies Such as CCTV, Fac

84. Blackstone's international criminal practice

85. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: International Legal and Regulatory Challenges

86. Blocking patents in european competition law : the implications of the concept of abuse

87. Blurry Boundaries of Public and Private International Law

88. Borders, migration and globalization : an interdisciplinary perspective

89. Brexit and competition law

91. Brussels I Bis : a Commentary on Regulation (EU) No 1215/2012

92. Buch 2, Recht der Schuldverhältnisse. §§ 362-396 : (Erfüllung, Hinterlegung, Aufrechnung).

96. Business and human rights : ethical, legal, and managerial perspectives

97. Business, compliance and human rights law : the effectiveness of transnational private regulations for vulnerable stakeholders

98. Business, human rights and the environment : the evolving agenda

99. Butterworths Company Law Handbook

100. Butterworths Competition Law Handbook