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1. Comparative Law in a Changing World

2. Insolvency Law & Restructuring in Germany

3. International Investment Law and Arbitration

4. Arbitration clauses and third parties

5. Business and Human Rights in Africa: History, Politics, Context, and Emerging Trends

6. Chinese Multinational Companies and Human Rights

7. Cosmopolitanism, state sovereignty and international law and politics : a theory

8. Decolonising restorative justice : a case of policy reform

9. Defences in International Investment Law

10. Delayed transitional justice : lessons from Spain, Brazil, and Uruguay

11. EU trade mark law and product protection : a comparative analysis of trade mark functionality

12. Global animal law from the margins : international trade in animals and their bodies

13. Human Rights, the Rule of Law and Exploitation in the Postcolony

14. Human rights and development

15. Innate Cosmopolitanism: The Immanent Collective in International Law

16. Law and society : an introduction

17. National courts and the application of EU law : lessons from Poland

18. Practical Cataloguing for the Hybrid Environment

19. Public international law

20. Queer victimology : understanding the victim experience

21. Reflections on the future of human rights

22. Reimagining the international legal order

23. Restorative justice practice

24. Robotics, AI and criminal law : crimes againts robots

25. Routledge handbook of commercial space law

26. The Routledge handbook of heritage destruction

27. The Routledge handbook of polar law

28. Spectres of reparation in South Africa : re-encountering the truth and reconciliation commission

29. Tax Law and Investment Arbitration

30. The law of the sea and maritime boundary disputes in areas of hydrocarbon potential : a review of global hot spots

31. 1KBW on enforcement in financial remedy proceedings

32. A Practitioner's Guide to the European Convention on Human Rights

33. A comparative law analysis of no-fault comprehensive compensation funds : international best practice and contemporary applications

34. Abuse of process

35. Advanced introduction to contract law and theory

36. Advanced introduction to cross-border insolvency law

37. Advanced introduction to international food law

38. Advanced introduction to substantive criminal law

39. After misogyny : how the law fails women and what to do about it

40. Algorithms, collusion and competition law : a comparative approach

41. Alternative dispute resolution and tax disputes

42. Ambiguity in EU law : a linguistic and legal analysis

43. Animal rights law

44. Applicable law issues in international arbitration = Questions de droit applicable dans l’arbitrage international

45. Applied legal pluralism : processes, driving forces and effects

46. Artifical intelligence and the law

47. Artificial intelligence and financial behaviour

48. Artificial intelligence in finance : challenges, opportunities and regulatory developments

49. Artificial intelligence law : between sectoral rules and general regime

50. Artificial intelligence, social harms and human rights

51. Asia Arbitration Guide

52. Asymmetric jurisdiction clauses

53. Atrocity crimes, children and international criminal courts : killing childhood

54. Au service du droit international : les 150 ans de l'association de droit international = To the benefit of international law : 150 years of the international law association

55. Aust's modern treaty law and practice

56. The Australian class action : a 30 years perspective

57. Autonomous vessels in maritime affairs : law and governance implications

58. Bank insolvency law in developing economies

59. Banking on data : evaluating open banking and data rights in banking law

60. Bankruptcy : law and practice

61. Between sexuality, gender and reproduction : on the pluralisation of family forms

62. Biodiversity litigation

63. Biosafety measures, technology risks and the World Trade Organization : thriving and surviving in the age of biotech

64. Blackstone's civil practice

65. Blackstone's international human rights documents

66. Brexit and energy law : implications and opportunities

67. Brexit and the Digital Single Market

68. The Brussels I-bis Regulation : interpretation and implementation

69. Butterworths Insolvency Law Handbook

70. CERIL Collection I : contributions on improving european restructuring and insolvency law : CERIL reports and statements 2017-2022 ; conférence n european restructuring and insolvency law

71. The Cambridge companion to european criminal law

72. The Cambridge companion to the international court of justice

73. Children’s environmental rights under international and EU law : the changing face of fundamental rights in pursuit of ecocentrism

74. China in global goverance of intellectual property : implications for global distributive justice

75. China's foreign investment law in the new normal. : framing the trajectory and dynamics

76. China's law of the sea : the new rules of maritime order

77. Chinese legality : ideology, law, and institutions

78. Choices, limits and consequences of harmonisation of commercial law : the circle of law harmonisation

79. Circulation of power : the development of public library infrastructure in greater Pittsburgh, 1924-2016

80. The Civil Court Practice 2023

81. Civil Liability for Artificial Intelligence and Software

82. Civil Procedure

83. Civil jurisdiction and judgments in Europe : the Brussels I Regulation, the Lugano Convention, and the Hague Choice of Court Convention

84. Civilian Drones, Visual Privacy and EU Human Rights Law

85. Classifying genocide in international law : the substantiality requirement

86. Climate change law

87. Climate litigation in a changing world

88. Climate migration governance and the discourse of citizenship in India

89. Comparative Law and the Task of Negative Critique

90. Comparative and transnational dispute resolution

91. Comparative criminal justice : international trends and practices

92. Comparing law

93. Comparing online legal education = Comparer les formations juridiques en ligne : past, present and future = passé, présent et future

94. Comparison of Asian international arbitration rules

95. Competition damages actions in the EU and the UK : law and practice

96. Consolidating Brexit : the future of EU,UK cooperation

97. Constitutionalizing transitional justice : how constitutions and constitutional courts deal with past atrocity

98. Contemporary international criminal law issues : contributions in pursuit of accountability for Africa and the world

99. Contemporary issues in finance and insolvency law

100. Contestation and polarization in global governance : European responses