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1. Comparative Law in a Changing World

2. Handbuch für die Schiedsgerichtspraxis

3. Insolvency Law & Restructuring in Germany

4. Administrative Appeals in EU Law

5. Business and Human Rights in Africa: History, Politics, Context, and Emerging Trends

6. Chinese Multinational Companies and Human Rights

7. Corporate Rescue

8. Defences in International Investment Law

9. Family Law: Practice and Procedure

10. Human Rights, the Rule of Law and Exploitation in the Postcolony

11. Immigration Law Handbook

12. Innate Cosmopolitanism: The Immanent Collective in International Law

13. Model Declaratory Actions - German Collective Consumer Litigation

14. Restorative justice practice

15. Tax Law and Investment Arbitration

16. Les grands arrêts de la jurisprudence fiscale - 6e éd.

18. 1KBW on Enforcement in Financial Remedy Proceedings

19. Les 3 cours régionales des droits de l'homme in context : la justince qui n'allait pas de soi



22. Abkehr vom Multilateralismus – Internationales Recht in Gefahr?

23. Abuse of Process

24. Abuse of Process in the Civil Courts

25. Actualités de droit judiciaire

26. Actualités des procédures collectives d'insolvabilité

27. Der Adhäsionsprozess : unter besonderer Berücksichtigung zivilprozessualer Fragestellungen

28. Administrative cooperation in the European space

29. Advanced Mediation Advocacy

30. Advanced introduction to international food law

31. After Misogyny

32. Algorithmes, justice prédictive et juges-robots : entre Judge Dredd et Minority report, quels tribunaux pour demain ?

33. Algorithms, Collusion and Competition Law

34. Alternative Dispute Resolution für Verbraucherstreitigkeiten : eine rechtsvergleichende Untersuchung zum englischen und deutschen Recht

35. Ambiguity in EU law : a linguistic and legal analysis

36. Anordnungen im Bauvertrag : Vertragsänderungen nach § 650b BGB

37. The Anthropocene : New Trajectories in Law

38. Antitrust between EU law and national law = Antitrust fra diritto nazionale e diritto dell’unione europea : XV conference - XV convegno

39. Applied legal pluralism : processes, driving forces and effects

40. Arbitration Clauses for International Contracts - Third Edition

41. Das Argument der letzten Instanz

42. Argumentation juridique

43. Artifical intelligence and the law

44. Artificial Intelligence and Financial Behaviour

45. Artificial Intelligence in Finance

46. Artificial intelligence law : between sectoral rules and general regime

47. Artificial intelligence, social harms and human rights

48. Asile et migrations : quelles solidarités ? Quelles responsabilités ?

49. Asylum Law and Practice

50. Asymmetric jurisdiction clauses