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1. A comparative law analysis of no-fault comprehensive compensation funds : international best practice and contemporary applications

2. Artifical intelligence and the law

3. Belgische rechtscolleges als Europese staatssteunrechters : een pleidooi voor een staatssteunkader

4. Between sexuality, gender and reproduction : on the pluralisation of family forms

5. Comparing online legal education = Comparer les formations juridiques en ligne : past, present and future = passé, présent et future

6. Contractualisation of Civil Litigation

7. Corporate Insolvency Law

8. Crypto-assets : the European legal framework

9. Defragmentation of law : reconstruction of contemporary law as a system

10. Doorwerking van het Europees consumentenrecht in het nationaal procesrecht


12. The European Convention on human rights and its impact on national private lawLAW

13. Europees recht

14. Freedom of environmental information : aspirations and practice

15. Independence and impartiality of international adjudicators = l'indépendance et l'impartialité des décideurs internationaux

16. Lawyer roles in knowledge work

17. Plurality and diversity in law : family forms and family's functions

18. Plurality and diversity in law : the human rights paradigm

19. Profiling through big data analytics : the interplay between the General Data Protection Regulation and Unfair Commercial Practices Directive

20. Shaping Utopia Through Law

21. The african continental free trade area and the future of investor-state dispute settlement in Africa

22. Algemeen contractenrecht : handboek voor nu en straks

23. Beyond words

24. Burgerlijk procesrecht : basis met schema's

25. Cross-border recognition of formalized same-sex relationships : the role of Ordre Public

26. Discrimination in online platforms : a comparative law approach to design, intermediation and data challenges

27. EU private international law in family matters : legislation and CJEU case law

28. The EU regulations on matrimonial property and property of registered partnerships

29. European Social Security Law

31. Extraordinary chambers in the courts of Cambodia : 16 November 2018

32. Family Matters : Essays in Honour of John Eekelaar

33. Fundamental rights violations by private actors and the procedure before the European Court of Human Rights : a study of verticalised cases = Grondrechtenschendingen door private partijen en de procedure bij het Europpes Hof voor de Rechten van de Mens

34. Harmonisation in EU environmental and energy law

35. Harmonisation of transactions avoidance laws

36. Health and human rights : global and Europeans perspectives

37. The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia : 2015-2016

38. International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia : international residual mechanism for criminal tribunals, 30 June 2016 - 29 November 2017

39. Introduction to South Pacific Law

41. Legal pluralism and efficiency in marriage law

42. Legal privilege and transnational evidence-taking : a comparative study on cross-border disclosure, evidence-shopping and legal privilege

43. Materials on European criminal law

44. Memories

45. Nationality and statelessness in Europe : European law on preventing and solving statelessness

46. Regulation of Central Counterparties (CCPs) in light of systemic risk : CCP market access regimes in global markets

47. The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia : international residual mechanism for criminal tribunals, 2017-2019

48. The acquisition of immovables through long-term use

49. The child's right to participate in family law proceedings : represented, heard or silenced?

50. Artificial intelligence and the law

51. At the frontiers of state responsibility : socio-economic rights and cooperation on migraiton

52. Blurred lines of responsibility and accountability : human rights abuses at mega-sporting events

53. Civil enforcement in a comparative perspective : a public management challenge

54. Coronavirus and the law in Europe

55. Duiding Burgerlijk Procesrecht

56. EU private law : anatomy of a growing legal order

57. Environmental law for transitions to sustainibility

58. Environmental loss and damage in a comparative law perspective

59. European contract law and the creation of norms

60. European criminal law : an integrative approach

61. European employment law : a systematic exposition

62. European legal methodology

63. Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia : 1 June 2013 - 31 December 2018

64. Het nieuwe goederenrecht

65. Het personen- en familierecht : een benadering in context

66. Human rights and the internet

67. Incorporating the UN convention on the rights of the child into national law

68. Informatie en recht : diverse rechtsperspectieven

69. Informed choices in cross-border enforcement : the European state of the art and future perspectives

70. The International Criminal Court : 2014-2015

71. International handbook on child participation in family law

72. International survey of family law 2021

73. Labour exploitation in human trafficking law

74. Law, cultural studies and the "burqa ban" trend : an interdisciplinary handbook

75. Legal systems of the Pacific : introducing sixteen gems

76. Looking at Law through children's eyes

77. Party autonomy in EU private international law : choice of court and choice of law in family matters and succession

78. Protecting community interests through international law

79. Right to a fair trial : a practical guide to the Article 6 case-law of the European Court of Human Rights

80. Rights of families of disappeared persons : how international bodies address the needs of families of disappeared persons in Europe

81. Technology, the global economy and other new challenges for civil justice

82. The International Criminal Court : 2014

83. Treaty-making in federations : democratic legitimacy tried and tested in matters of taxation

84. Vermogensplanning & het praktische nut van erfovereenkomsten

85. Het WVV doorgelicht

86. The interaction between family law, succession law and private international law : adapting to change

87. The law and economics of secured lending

88. The patient, data protection and changing healthcare models : the impact of e-health on informed consent, anonymisation and purpose limitation

89. Africa's role and contribution to international criminal justice

90. De Belgische stichting

91. Beslag inzake namaak : een stand van zaken

92. Bewijsnood na het vernieuwde bewijsrecht

93. Burgerlijk Procesrecht : basis met schema's

94. Children’s rights and commercial communication in the digital era : towards an empowering regulatory framework for commercial communication

95. Climate change, resulting natural disasters and the legal responsibilityof states : an international law perspective

96. Collective judging in comparative perspective

97. Contract and property with an environmental perspective

98. Contract law in the South Pacific

99. Corporate insolvency law : a comparative textbook

100. Cryptomunten juridisch ontsloten