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1. Les 100 mots du droit international

2. ASEAN law and regional integration : governance and the rule of law in southeast Asia’s single market

3. Accidentes de trabajo : Aspectos Procesales

4. Animals as legal beings : contesting anthropocentric legal orders

5. Asset freezing at the international criminal court and the United Nations security council : a legal protection perspective

6. Associations : fondations, congrégations, fonds de dotation : 2021

7. At the frontiers of state responsibility : socio-economic rights and cooperation on migraiton

8. Banche, intermediari e fintech : nuovi strumenti digitali in ambito finanziario

9. Band 1., Allgemeiner Teil, EGBGB

10. Band 2/1. Schuldrecht: §§ 241-487

11. Band 2/2. Schuldrecht: §§ 488-661a

12. Band 2/3. Schuldrecht. ProdHaftG, UKlaG: §§ 662-853

13. Band 4. Familienrecht. §§ 1297-1921

14. Bangladesh and international law

15. Banking bailout law : a comparative study of the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union

16. Banning black gods : law and religions of the african diaspora

17. Blockchain, law and governance

18. Blurred lines of responsibility and accountability : human rights abuses at mega-sporting events

19. The Cambridge handbook of class actions : an international survey

20. China and the WTO : why multilateralism still matters

21. Civil courts coping with Covid-19

22. Civil procedure

23. Civil procedure : a coursebook

24. Code de droit familial 2021

25. Code de l'arbitrage commenté 2021

26. Code de l'entrée et du séjour des étrangers et du droit d'asile 2022

27. Code de l'environnement 2021 : annoté & commenté

28. Code de la propriete intellectuelle 2021

29. Code monétaire et financier 2021 : annoté & commenté

30. Commercial injunctions

31. Comparative corporate governance

32. Comparative tort law : global perspectives

33. Compliance : Praxisleitfaden für Unternehmen

34. Contentieux constitutionnel comparé : une introduction critique au droit processuel constitutionnel

35. Contrat et engagement unilatéral

36. Contrats de droit suisse : présentation systématique des contrats les plus importants en pratique

37. Contrats publics et concurrence

38. La Cour de Justice de l'Union Européenne, juridiction constitutionnelle

39. La Cour de justice de l'Union Européenne

40. The Court of Justice and european criminal law : leading cases in a contextual analysis

41. Courtroom power distance dynamics

42. Criminal networks and law enforcement : global perspectives on illegal enterprise

43. Criptoactivos : retos y desafíos normativos

44. Cross-border protocols in insolvencies of multinational enterprise groups

45. Cynical international law?

46. Dall'emergenza COVID al Correttivo del Codice della crisi d'impresa : commento alla legislazione concorsuale nell'emergenza pandemica e al D. lgs. n. 147/2020 : con tavole sinottiche

47. Danno e responsabilità extracontrattuale nella storia del diritto privato

48. Deep diving into data protection : 1979-2019 : celebrating 40 years of research on privacy and data

49. Derecho Preconcursal y Segunda Oportunidad

50. Desafíos constitucionales de los procesos migratorios en el siglo XXI

51. Development-induced displacement and human rights in Africa : the Kampala convention

52. Dictionnaire juridique de l'égalité et de la non-discrimination

53. (Dis)Unione Europea : dal miraggio di una federazione perequativa al consolidamento egemonico dei "più uguali" (a margine della sentenza del BVerfG 5 maggio 2020)

54. Disabilità, diritti umani e diritto internazionale

55. Discrimination, Vulnerable Consumers and Financial Inclusion

56. Dispute resolution in China : litigation, arbitration, mediation and their cross-interactions

57. The Dokdo/Takeshima dispute : South Korea, Japan and the search for a peaceful solution

58. Données et technologies numériques : approches juridique, scientifique et éthique

59. Droit constitutionnel de l'Union européenne

60. Droit des obligations

61. Droit des obligations

62. Droit du contentieux international aérien

63. Droit européen de l'environnement : jurisprudence commentée

64. Droit luxembourgeois des médicaments

65. Droit médical et hospitalier luxembourgeois : recueil de jurisprudence commentée

66. Défendre l'humanité en protégeant son patrimoine : un nouveau mandat pour les opérations de paix

67. Economic analysis and law : the economics of the courtroom

68. Economic value of the judiciary : a pilot study for five countries on volume, value and duration of large commercial cases

69. Effektivität und Zukunft der deutschen Zivilgerichtsbarkeit : ein Vergleich mit der Konfliktbeilegung in Norwegen

70. Elogio della giustizia

71. Energy arbitration and judicial dispute settlement : proceedings of the 4th Athens conference on European Energy law

72. Environmental crime and restorative justice : justice as meaningful involvement

73. Environmental justice as decolonization : political contention, innovation and resistance over indigenous fishing rights in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States

74. Environmental law for transitions to sustainibility

75. Ethique et justice internationale

76. European contract law and the creation of norms

77. European criminal law : an integrative approach

78. European preventive restructuring : an article-by-article commentary

79. Europäisches und internationales Zivilprozessrecht in Patentsachen

80. Exporting Virtue? : China's International Human Rights Activism in the Age of Xi Jinping

81. Extraterritorialität : eine Kategorie des transnationalen Rechts

82. Fachwörterbuch Recht und Wirtschaft : Band 1: Italienisch - Deutsch = Dizionario giuridico ed economico

83. Forming transnational dispute settlement norms : soft law and the role of UNCITRAL's regional centre for Asia and the Pacific

84. Fundamental rights and legal consequences of criminal conviction

85. Future challenges of international law : internet - space - trade - human rights

86. Gender, poverty and access to justice policy : implementation in Sub-Saharan Africa

87. Global issues in civil procedure

88. Green crimes and international criminal law

89. Groups of companies : a comparative law overview

90. Guide européen de droit des affaires

91. Guide pratique de procédure civile

92. Handbook on space, place and law

93. Human rights and the concept of a human community with a shared future

94. Humanitarianism in the Asia-Pacific

95. IZVR Praxiskommentar internationales Zivilverfahrensrecht

96. Incorporating the UN convention on the rights of the child into national law

97. Information exchange between competitors in EU competition law

98. Intellectual and cultural property : between market and community

99. Interaction des principes de proportionnalité et de non-discrimination : essai sur l'interaction entre proportionnalité et non-discrimination dans un système juridique transnational

100. The International Compendium of Construction Contracts : A country by chapter review