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26. Studi di diritto processuale islamico. : raccolti e ordinati da Filippo Noceto

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31. The enforcement of offender supervision in Europe : understanding breach processes

32. Digital piracy : a global, multidisciplinary account

33. The pixelated prisoner : prison video links, court 'appearance' and the justice matrix

34. Reconceiving civil society and transitional justice : lesssons from Asia and the Pacific

35. Protest and dissent

36. Byrne and McCutcheon on the Irish legal system

37. Selfless intervention : the exercise of jurisdiction in the common interest

38. Corporate social responsibility and law in Africa : theories, issues and practices

39. Un nouvel internet est-il possible ?

40. Labour law and sustainable development

41. The new EU data protection regime : setting global standards for the right to personal data protection

42. EU competition law and the digital economy : protecting free and fair competition in an age of technological (R)evolution

43. Legal protection for traditional knowledge : towards a new land for indigenous intellectual property

44. Responsabilité des avocats 2021-2022 : civile, disciplinaire, pénale

45. Cyber litigation : the legal principles

46. Histoire de la construction européenne

47. Droit processuel : droit commun et droit comparé du procès équitable

48. Les grands arrêts de droit international pénal

49. Mélanges en l'honneur d'Alain Couret : un juriste pluriel

50. Les mots du droit, les choses de justice : dire le droit, écrire la justice, défendre les hommes. Mélanges en l'honneur de Jean Danet