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1. Insolvency Law & Restructuring in Germany

2. Arbitration clauses and third parties

3. Arbitration of international disputes in New York

4. Blockchain and the law : dogmatics and dynamics

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6. Constitutional and administrative law

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8. Cosmopolitanism, state sovereignty and international law and politics : a theory

9. Criminal justice responses to the Boko Haram Crisis in Nigeria

10. Critical approaches to genocide : history, politics and aesthetics of 1915

11. Decolonising restorative justice : a case of policy reform

12. Delayed transitional justice : lessons from Spain, Brazil, and Uruguay

13. EU trade mark law and product protection : a comparative analysis of trade mark functionality

14. Financial market infrastructure and economic integration : a WTO, FTAs and competition law analysis

15. Global animal law from the margins : international trade in animals and their bodies

16. Honest errors? combat decision-making 75 years after the hostage case

17. Human rights and development

18. The International Criminal Court in its third decade : reflection on law and practices

19. International law and the history of resource extraction in Africa : capital accumulation and underdevelopment, 1450-1918

20. Law and society : an introduction

21. Law reforms around the world : perspectives from national and international law

22. Liability and compensation for offshore oil pollution damage in the Arctic : comparing norwegian and russian law

23. National courts and the application of EU law : lessons from Poland

24. Public interest litigation in international law

25. Public international law

26. Queer victimology : understanding the victim experience

27. Reflections on the future of human rights

28. Regime interaction in international forest law : the role of secondary law of forest-related multilateral Environmental Agreements

29. Reimagining the international legal order

30. Robotics, AI and criminal law : crimes againts robots

31. Routledge handbook of commercial space law

32. The Routledge handbook of heritage destruction

33. The Routledge handbook of polar law

34. Sovereignty and the limits of international law : regulating areas beyond national jurisdiction

35. Spectres of reparation in South Africa : re-encountering the truth and reconciliation commission

36. The United Nations convention on the law of the sea : a system of regulation

37. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights : a commentary

38. The anthropocene judgments project : futureproofing the common law

39. The duty to safeguard the object and purpose of pending treaties : a closer examination of article 18 VCLT

40. Decolonizing constitutionalism : beyond false or impossible promises

41. An introduction to the African Union environmental treaties

42. The law of the sea and maritime boundary disputes in areas of hydrocarbon potential : a review of global hot spots

43. The role of civil society in transitional justice : the case of Russia

44. The 1982 law of the sea convention and the regulation of offshore renewable energy activities within national jurisdiction

45. 1KBW on enforcement in financial remedy proceedings

46. The 2019 Hague Judgments Convention

47. A Practitioner's Guide to the European Convention on Human Rights

48. A comparative law analysis of no-fault comprehensive compensation funds : international best practice and contemporary applications

49. Abuse of platform power : liveraging conduct in digital markets under EU competition law and beyond

50. Abuse of process