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1. "Crossover" Children in the youth justice and child protection systems

2. The "ecosystem approach" in international environmental law : genealogy and biopolitics

3. The 'New' International Law

4. The 21st century maritime silk road : challenges and opportunities for Asia and Europe

5. ASEAN and power in international relations : ASEAN, the EU, and the contestation of human rights

6. ASEAN law and regional integration : governance and the rule of law in southeast Asia’s single market

7. Access and control in digital humanities

8. Accessing and implementing human rights and justice : edited by Kurt Mills and Melissa Labonte

9. Accountability, international business operations and the law : providing justice for corporate human rights violations in global value chains

10. Ad hoc arbitration in China

11. Adjudicating global business in and with India : international commercial and investment disputes settlement

12. Advancing environmental justice for marginalized communities in India : progress, challenges and opportunities

13. Affectedness and participation in international institutions

14. Africa and international criminal justice : radical evils and the International Criminal Court

15. African Union law : the emergence of a sui generis legal order

16. African customary justice : living law, legal pluralism, and public ethics

17. Africanizing African Legal Ethics

18. Akehurst's modern introduction to international law

19. Akehurst's modern introduction to international law

20. Alternative dispute resolution and domestic violence : women, divorce and alternative justice

21. Alternative dispute resolution in energy industries

22. Ambiguity in EU law : a linguistic and legal analysis

23. Amnesty, serious crimes and international law : global perspectives in theory and practice

24. Ancient indigenous human remains and the law

25. Annotated leading trademark cases in major asian jurisdictions

26. Anthropocene Antarctica : perspectives from the humanities, law and social sciences

27. Anti-muslim racism on trial : muslims, the swedish judiciary and the possibility of justice

28. Apologies and moral repair : rights, duties, and corrective justice

29. Applied family law in Islamic courts : Shari’a Courts in Gaza

30. Applied legal pluralism : processes, driving forces and effects

31. Arbitration clauses and third parties

32. Armed conflict and forcible displacement : individual rights under international law

33. Armed conflict and human rights law : protecting civilians and international humanitarian law

34. Armed conflict, women and climate change

35. Armed drones and globalizations in the asymmetric war on terror : challenges for the law of armed conflict and global political economy

36. Artificial intelligence and the law : cybercrime and criminal liability

37. Asian perspectives on international investment law

38. Assets, crimes, and the state : innovations in 21st century legal responses

39. Assisted reproduction, discrimination, and the law

40. Assisted suicide and the European Convention on Human Rights

41. Atrocity crimes, children and international criminal courts : killing childhood

42. Backstage practices of transnational law

43. The Bakassi dispute and the International Court of Justice : continuing challenges

44. Bangladesh and international law

45. Bank insolvency law in developing economies

46. Banking Law : Private Transactions and Regulatory Frameworks

47. Banking bailout law : a comparative study of the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union

48. Banking regulation in Africa : the case of Nigeria and other emerging economies

49. Better law for a better world : new approaches to law practice and education

50. Between democracy and law : the amorality of secession

51. Beyond human rights and the war on terror

52. Beyond law and development : resistance, empowerment and social injustice

53. Beyond the responsibility to protect in international law : an ethics of irresponsibility

54. Beyond transitional justice : transformative justice and the state of the field (or non-field)

55. Big data, crime and social control

56. Big data, political campaigning and the law : democracy and privacy in the age of micro-targeting

57. Biodiversity : law, policy and governance

58. Biosafety measures, technology risks and the World Trade Organization : thriving and surviving in the age of biotech

59. Borders, migration and globalization : an interdisciplinary perspective

60. Brexit and competition law

61. Brexit and energy law : implications and opportunities

62. British media and the Rwandan genocide

63. Business and Human Rights in Africa: History, Politics, Context, and Emerging Trends

64. Business and human rights in Europe : international law challenges

65. Business negotiations and the law : the protection of weak professional parties in standard form contracting

66. Business, Human Rights and Transitional Justice

67. Business, compliance and human rights law : the effectiveness of transnational private regulations for vulnerable stakeholders

68. COVID-19 and human rights

69. The Caribbean Court of Justice : regional integration court in a global context

70. Caring responsibilities in european law and policy : who cares?

71. Cases and materials on the carriage of goods by sea

72. Cases and materials on the law of international organizations

73. Challenges of democracy in the 21st century : concepts, methods, causality and the quality of democracy

74. Changing borders in Europe : exploring the dynamics of integration, differentiation and self-determination in the European Union

75. Changing law in developing countries

76. Child marriage, rights and choice : rethinking agency in international human rights

77. Child rights and international discrimination law : implementing Article 2 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

78. Children's rights and refugee law : conceptualising children within the refugee convention

79. Children's rights and the law : an introduction

80. Children's rights law in the global human rights landscape : isolation, inspiration, integration?

81. China's foreign investment law in the new normal. : framing the trajectory and dynamics

82. China's foreign investment legal regime : progress and limitations

83. China's maritime boundaries in the South China Sea : historical and international law perspectives

84. China's one belt one road initiative and private international law

85. China's policy towards the South China Sea : When geopolitics meets the law of the sea

86. China, the EU and international investment law : reforming investor-state dispute settlement

87. China’s Insolvency Law and Interregional Cooperation : comparative perspectives from China and the EU

88. Chinese Multinational Companies and Human Rights

89. Chinese State Owned Enterprises and EU Merger Control

90. Chinese legal culture and constitutional order

91. Chinese legality : ideology, law, and institutions

92. Christianity and global law

93. Civil jurisdiction and judgments

94. Civilian Drones, Visual Privacy and EU Human Rights Law

95. Class actions in privacy law

96. Classifying genocide in international law : the substantiality requirement

97. Climate change finance and international law

98. Climate change law and policy in the Middle East and North Africa region

99. Climate change law in China in global context

100. Climate change law, technology transfer and sustainable development